It’s Manitoba’s turn to elect the next President-Elect for the Canadian Medical Association! We’ve created this hub with background on the process, information about the candidates, and how to vote. 

The President-Elect is selected by CMA members in a rotating province or territory each year. The President is the primary national spokesperson for the CMA’s work and advocacy on behalf of the medical profession, as well as a CMA representative with provincial and territorial medical associations, government and other stakeholder organizations.

Participating and Voting

You must be a CMA member to participate. Doctors Manitoba members are not automatically CMA members, so it is important to check your membership status. Don’t make an assumption.

As long as you are a current member as of February 21, 2023, you will be able to vote. If you are unsure if your membership is current, you can contact CMA member services at memberservicecentre@​cma.​ca or by calling 18888552555. You can join or renew your membership online.

Voting emails with instructions and login information will be sent to all current CMA/DMB members on February 22. Voting closes on March 8 at 4:30pm CT.

Learn more about the CMA Election Process here.

Meet the Candidates

Doctors Manitoba has compiled profiles about each of the candidates below. As more information becomes available, we will share it in our weekly newsletter and update this page.

The CMA hosted a Meet the Candidates Forum on February 13. A recording is available to watch on-demand here.

Dr. Cory Baillie

Dr. Cory Baillie is a rheumatologist based in Winnipeg and current President and Chair of The Journal of Rheumatology. He is also a former President of Doctors Manitoba and of the Canadian Rheumatology Association.

Why do you want to be CMA President? 

This is a critical time for Canadian health care. The public, government and physicians all understand our current situation is untenable. I plan to leverage my provincial and national level medical leadership, governance and advocacy experience to work towards the CMA vision of a vibrant profession and a healthy population.

What do you hope to achieve if you become CMA President? 

CMA advocacy has highlighted the need for system change. A national human resource strategy, physician health and wellness, the crisis in primary care, pan-Canadian licensure, improving team-based care, a national medical record, long term care reform. All of these issues would have the potential to be addressed during my term.

DrCo​ry​Bail​lie​.com | LinkedIn | coryforcma2023@​icloud.​com


Learn more about Dr. Baillie and his vision on the CMA website.

Dr. Anthony Battad

Dr. Anthony Battad is an internal medicine specialist at St. Boniface hospital and senior faculty in the Max Rady College of Medicine. He is also a former Canadian Forces physician.

Why do you want to be CMA President? 

I’m at the point in my career where I have the necessary perspective, leadership experience, and broad network to effectively inform and affect change within the profession. I see an opportunity to lend my voice towards building an equitable and sustainable health care system that will serve all Canadians.

What do you hope to achieve if you become CMA President?

I want to build a diverse physician work force by ensuring equitable access to undergraduate medical training and a more effective licensing process for foreign-trained medical graduates. I also want to work collaboratively with allied health colleagues to truly build a team-focused primary care system.

Bat​tad​MD​.com | LinkedIn | FaceBook | Twitter | Instagram | prairiedoc@​shaw.​ca


Learn more about Dr. Battad and his vision on the CMA website.

Dr. José François

Dr. José François is head of the Department of Family Medicine in the University of Manitoba and Shared Health Provincial Specialty Lead for Family Medicine. He also practices family medicine at Centre de Santé and ActionMarguerite in Winnipeg, and he is a former Associate Dean for Continuing Professional Development with UManitoba.

Why do you want to be CMA President? 

I am looking to continue making a difference by bringing the skills, experience, and passion of over 20 years of academic and health system leadership to help the CMA attain its vision of a vibrant profession and a healthy population.

What do you hope to achieve if you become CMA President?

Our health system is facing significant challenges. Addressing these will require time, effort, and resources. Working with decision makers, I would advance some key elements for recovery:

  • Expansion in health professions training capacity
  • Advancement of team-based care models 
  • Improved supports in clinical environments
  • Increased wellness supports for physicians

DrJFranç | Facebook | Twitter | LinkedIn | contact@drjfranç


Learn more about Dr. François and his vision on the CMA website.

Dr. Joss Reimer

Dr. Joss Reimer is originally from Winkler and is now the Chief Medical Officer for the WRHA. She continues to practice clinically as a Staff Family Physician Women’s Hospital, HSC, and she is a former Medical Officer of Health and was the Medical Lead for the COVID-19 Vaccine Implementation Task Force.

Why do you want to be CMA President?

Physicians have worked so hard in untenable circumstances. As CMA President, I will advocate for system-level changes to ensure all physicians have the resources, respect, and autonomy they need to thrive in their medical practice. Physicians are experiencing record levels of burnout and that is, unequivocally, a public health crisis.

What do you hope to achieve if you become CMA President?

I will use my unique constellation of skills in public health, government advocacy, being an effective voice in media, and as a clinician, to advocate for physicians and I will help the CMA become a training leader in scientific communication. I also want to hear your ideas at jossforcma@​drjossreimer.​ca

DrJoss​Reimer​.ca | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | jossforcma@​drjossreimer.​ca


Learn more about Dr. Reimer and her vision on the CMA website.

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February 17, 2023