Disability Insurance

In the event that an injury or illness disrupts your ability to work, disability insurance will help to maintain ongoing income.

Disability Insurance provides you with income if you are not actively at work due to a disability caused by sickness or injury. 

This insurance benefit protects the burden of financial loss due to an unforeseen accident or illness by replacing your lost income. Your family will have financial objectives that require regular cash flow as well as long-term investment objectives for wealth management and retirement. Disability Insurance serves to protect your income streams so those short and- long-term objectives can be met, without putting added strain on your family.

The plan is designed by physicians, for physicians with the assistance of a physician-led Insurance Committee that reviews the plan experience and makes recommendations regarding plan design, ideas on improvement and premium credits.

Our plan is unique because it is not-for-profit. You may receive a premium credit against your total premiums if the total claims and expenses for the plan are less than total premiums collected in a given year. The credit is calculated based on premiums paid on the first $5,500 of coverage only. 

Coverage is portable. If you move outside Manitoba and maintain your membership with Doctors Manitoba, you may continue your disability insurance coverage as long as you pay the premiums.

Effective dates:

  • Coverage takes effect on the 1st of the month following the date the insurance company approves your application.
  • Increases in coverage take effect on the 1st of the month after the insurance company approves your application.
  • Age-related changes in coverage take effect on the policy anniversary date (June 1) following the change in age.
  • Future Insurance Options take effect on the policy anniversary date that coincides with the renewal period during which application was received.
  • Changes in smoking status take effect on the 1st of the month following the date the insurance company approves your application for a change in smoking status.
  • Coverage ceases at the end of the month during which the request is received, or at a future date specified in that request. Retroactive cancellation requests are not accepted.
  • You may cancel coverage at any time by providing written notice to Doctors Manitoba.

Illness or injury can take a toll on mental health. If you are struggling and need help, take advantage of the Physician Health Programs we offer.

Coverage for Childbirth

Childbirth has been included under our Disability Income Insurance Plan coverage since March 142012.

If as of this date you held Disability Income insurance coverage and delivered a child, and you have not already made a claim, you may be eligible to make a claim for retroactive payment.

As stipulated under the policy, the claim payment is equal to 6 weeks for a routine delivery and 8 weeks for a caesarean section after your elimination period.

Please note that if at the time of your delivery, your coverage had a greater than 30-day elimination period, you are likely ineligible to make a claim for retroactive payment as the elimination period would not have been satisfied until after benefits for delivery would have ended.

A claim for delivery is different from a claim for complications of pregnancy or any other sickness or injury that would preclude you from working. As well, a claim for delivery does not affect future claims with Manulife or preclude you from applying for and receiving a benefit under the Doctors Manitoba Maternity/​Parental Benefit Program. Both benefit types can be claimed concurrently.

If you think you may be eligible to receive a payment, please contact Mark Venton, Insurance Coordinator at 2049855846 or mventon@​doctorsmanitoba.​ca.


You are eligible to apply for Disability Income Coverage Insurance if you are a physician who is:

  • under age 65,
  • currently resident in Manitoba,
  • employed full-time, and
  • a member of Doctors Manitoba

How much do you need?

Because disability income replaces your income if you cannot work due to illness or injury, consider purchasing coverage similar to your regular after-tax take home income. This can help pay for basic monthly expenses, including:

  • food, clothing and shelter
  • car expenses
  • entertainment, hobbies
  • children’s education expenses
  • saving for retirement

You might also consider the effects of inflation on your present income over time.

Basic Coverage

You choose coverage in units of $100:

  • maximum $15,000 per month, minimum of $600 per month if you are under age 60
  • maximum $10,000 per month, minimum of $500 per month if you are age 60 or over.

The amount of monthly benefit you can apply for depends upon your income and the amount of any other coverage you have. (Refer to Income Qualification Chart below or contact the Doctors Manitoba office for details).

If, prior to age 60, you are insured for more than 100 units of insurance, you may continue to be insured for the same amount of units, on and after age 60.

In your first two years of practice (after completion of your residency program):

  • general practitioners can apply for up to $7,500 of monthly benefit, and
  • specialists can apply for up to $11,000 of monthly benefit.

Your monthly benefit amount is not reduced by benefits you receive from other sources such as Workers’ Compensation and Automobile Insurance, unless your disability income exceeds your pre-disability after-tax income.

Additional Coverage

Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA) Option*

You can protect your disability income from inflation, making sure your money will go as far in the future as it does today.

If you are disabled for a long period, inflation may reduce the purchasing power of your disability income. If you are under age 64 you may include a Cost Of Living Adjustment (COLA) to counter inflation and protect your disability income. COLA provides for an annual adjustment in your benefit:

  • based on the change in the Consumer Price Index,
  • up to a maximum increase of 6% compounded annually.

Your monthly disability benefit is adjusted in the 13th month of disability and every 12 months after that. COLA coverage ends on the earliest of the date:

  • your disability ends, or
  • your monthly benefit doubles, or
  • you reach age 64.

*If benefits are paid under the Own Occupation option, the COLA benefit is not payable.

Future Insurance Option

  • You must provide evidence of good health now for additional coverage that can be purchased in the future.
  • You must be under 50 years of age and provide initial evidence of good health to obtain these options.
  • When you exercise an option, the elimination period must be the same as the current coverage. If your elimination period is 14 days and your coverage will exceed $5,500, the additional coverage will be issued with a 30-day elimination period.
  • If an option period occurs during any one period of disability, you may exercise a maximum of one option during such disability. The additional amount will pay only for a subsequent new disability period. Premiums for the additional coverage will not be included with the Waiver of Premium.
  • You must choose to exercise the option if you want to increase your coverage – increased coverage will not be issued automatically.
  • You may exercise one option of up to $1,000 of coverage (in $100 units) subject to income qualification guidelines.
  • One option can be exercised every year, between May 1 and June 30 each year.
  • You may exercise $2,000 of coverage within the first 60 days of completion of medical residency.
  • Options can only be exercised prior to age 55.
  • Maximum Future Insurance Option coverage available is the lesser of $6,000 and 2.5 times your original coverage amount.

Coverage for Future Insurance Options ends on the earliest of the date:

  • your disability ends,
  • or your monthly benefit doubles,
  • or you reach age 55 (at the end of the policy year in which you turn 55).

Own Occupation Option

  • Entitles you to receive full total disability benefits even if you earn income from another occupation.
  • Any earnings from the other occupation will not reduce your total disability benefit from this program.
  • This option ends at age 65, at which time the other terms and conditions of the policy apply.

Retirement Protection Option

It’s important to save for your retirement, but this can be difficult if you are disabled. The Retirement Protection Rider through Manulife Group Retirement Solutions (GRS) offers a convenient way to continue to save for retirement during periods of total disability.

Your Retirement Protection Benefit will be deposited into a Manulife Personal Plan™ Non-Registered Savings Plan (NRSP) account on a monthly basis. This will occur until the date of benefit termination as described in your Disability Certificate of Insurance. You can choose from a list of investment options to invest in. If you do not provide instructions, funds will be deposited to a Manulife Retirement Date Fund closest to your 65th birthday.

You may withdraw your funds at any time. If you close your account, Manulife will not be able to make retirement contributions as per the Retirement Protection Rider.

  • The benefit starts after a period of 90 days and is paid to age 65. Benefit payments are made if you are totally disabled as per the standard plan definition of disability.
  • You may apply for the option anytime up to and including age 55.
  • The benefit amount available is based on your income and available in $100 units from $300 to $1,000 per month.
  • You must reside in Canada to receive benefits.
  • See the Retirement Protector Income Ratio Guide for eligible benefit information.

It’s important to save for your retirement, but this can be difficult if you are disabled. The Retirement Protection Rider through Manulife Group Retirement Solutions (GRS) offers a convenient way to continue to save for retirement during periods of total disability.

Elimination Period

You select the period of time between the onset of a disability and when benefit payments will begin. This is called the elimination period”.

Benefit payments may begin on the 31st, 61st, 91st or 181st day of disability.

Successive periods of disability may be used to satisfy the elimination period as long as:

  • disability is from the same cause
  • accumulation is satisfied within 6 months of the first disability for 60-day and 90-day elimination periods, or within one year for the 180-day elimination period.

Consecutive days of disability are required for the 30-day elimination period. The duration of the benefit depends on your age at the time the disability occurs.


Benefits will not be paid for any disability resulting directly or indirectly from any one of the following:

  1. terrorism, war or insurrection, whether or not declared, or any conduct, act or thing incidental thereto,
  2. intentionally self-inflicted injury, unless medical evidence establishes that the injuries or losses are related to a mental health illness,
  3. attempt, provocation, or commission of a criminal offense or assault, or participation in a riot or civil commotion, or incarceration,
  4. service in the armed forces of any country,
  5. any period of imprisonment or confinement in a similar institution, unless medical evidence establishes that the injuries or losses are related to a mental health illness,
  6. any period of loss of standing to practice medicine as a result of disciplinary proceedings, whether such disability occurred prior to or during such period, unless medical evidence establishes that the losses are related to a mental health illness,
  7. any period of disability, including throughout the Elimination Period, during which You are not under the Regular Care and Attendance of a Physician considered satisfactory to the insurance company, when required,
  8. any period of disability while You are outside of Canada, United States of America, Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom or a country belonging to the European Economic Community, for a period of more than 6 months, unless You can establish to the satisfaction of the insurance company that evidence of Your continued disability can and will be supplied to the insurance company whenever reasonably so required,
  9. alcoholism, drug addiction, substance abuse, or other condition, unless participating in a therapeutic program, recognized as such by the insurance company, and under continuous medical supervision by a specialist in the field.

If You must hold a government permit or license to perform Your regular duties, You will not be considered disabled solely because such permit or license has been withdrawn or not renewed.

Riders may be issued for individuals excluding coverage for specific conditions.

Cost of Coverage

Doctors Manitoba disability plans have the advantage of group rates. Your annual premium for Disability Income Coverage insurance depends on:

  • the amount of insurance you purchase,
  • your age on June 1 of each year,
  • your smoking status, and
  • the elimination period and riders you select.

Premium Calculation

The annual premium is calculated by multiplying the applicable rate, according to Your Age, sex and smoking status, by the number of units for which You are insured at the beginning of each Policy Year. If coverage becomes effective in the midst of a Policy Year, a pro-rata premium will be determined based on Your Age at the beginning of the Policy Year in which application for such insurance was made.

For cost information, please contact Doctors Manitoba office or a Doctor’s Manitoba’s Authorized Representative for details:

The premiums are Age banded rather than level premiums. This means You pay in today’s dollars for today’s risk. With level premiums, the cost of premiums for older participants is transferred to younger participants. Rather than have younger participants overpay’, premiums are based on a more cost – effective banding method whereby participants pay premiums for risk based on actual Age.

Retail sales taxes are calculated based on the premiums applicable to those participants who reside and/​or report for work in Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec.

Changes to Premium

The insurance company may adjust the premium rates on any Policy Anniversary Date by giving 90 days’ notice in writing to Doctors Manitoba, unless the insurance company and Doctors Manitoba mutually agree to the contrary, but not more often than once in any 12 month period. Insured Members will be given 30 days’ written notice of changes to premium by Doctors Manitoba.

Refund of Premiums

Where Your death occurs in the midst of a Policy Year for which premiums have been paid, a pro-rata refund will be paid on the number of complete months remaining in that Policy Year.

Grace Period

On each Premium Due Date, You will pay a premium calculated on the basis of the premium rates then in effect for Your insurance, including any applicable riders. A period of 30 days is allowed for the payment of each premium due after the first premium payment, during which the insurance continues in force. If any premium is not paid within the grace period, the insurance will terminate immediately.

If a benefit becomes payable during the grace period, any premium due but unpaid will be deducted from the benefit.

Premium Payment Not Honoured

If any cheque, draft, money order or other instrument tendered in payment or part payment of a premium is not paid when presented for payment in due course of business, the premium or such part will be considered to be unpaid and Doctors Manitoba’s official receipt, if issued, will be null and void.

Method and Frequency of Premium Payments

You may pay premiums:

  1. annually by cheque (made payable to Doctors Manitoba”), or
  2. by any other payment method or frequency made available by Doctors Manitoba and approved by the insurance company.

You may elect to pay the annual premium at the billing date or pay 50% of the annual premium at the billing date and the remainder within 60 days of the billing date. All payments must be in Canadian dollars.

If You apply part way through the Policy Year, June 1 – May 31, premiums are pro-rated based on the number of full months remaining.

Smoker and Non-Smoker Rates

If You are paying smoker premiums, You may apply to change to Non-Smoker premiums. The insurance company will grant this request provided that:

You qualify as a Non-Smoker,

  1. a health declaration, on the insurance company’s standard form, is completed, submitted and approved by the insurance company,
  2. satisfactory evidence as to Your smoking habits is submitted, and
  3. at the time the request is submitted to the insurance company, Non-Smoker rates are offered.
  4. Non-smoker rates apply to people who have not used any form of tobacco or tobacco cessation products in the last 12 months. Marijuana use is excluded.

If the insurance company approves the change to Non-Smoker premiums, future premiums will be payable on a Non-Smoker basis. The change will take effect on the Policy Anniversary Date coinciding with or following the date the insurance company approves the change to Non-Smoker status.

A misstatement of Non-Smoker status is considered fraud. The insurance company reserves the right to void Your insurance if Non-Smoker status has been misstated, without a refund of premium.

General Information

To receive disability benefit payments, you must be under the care of a licensed physician.

Beneficiary Designations

There is no right to name a beneficiary under Your coverage.


The insurance company cannot cancel your insurance coverage provided the master policy remains in force and premiums are paid when due. If the master policy is terminated by Doctors Manitoba or the insurance company, and coverage is not continued under a new or replacing contract, you can convert the monthly income benefit to an individual guaranteed renewable policy, regardless of your health.

Claims Assistance

If a claim is denied in whole or in part, Doctors Manitoba can help you with any further discussions with the insurance carrier regarding the validity of the claim. Confidentiality is guaranteed.

Waiver of Premium

You are not required to pay premiums which become due while you are receiving benefits from the plan, provided you have been continuously disabled for at least 90 days.

Rehabilitative Employment

Because recovery is the goal, this plan includes a provision for rehabilitative employment. With the approval of the insurance company, you may participate in a vocational or on-the-job training program while continuing to receive benefits.

Tax Issues

Premiums paid by you for the disability income insurance program are not tax deductible. Any benefits you receive from this plan are not taxable as income to you.

If premiums are paid by a group or Corporation and deducted as a business expense, then any benefit received from this plan will be taxable as income to the individual. We recommend that premiums for disability be personally paid from a personal account.

Cessation of Benefit Payments

Your benefits terminate on the earliest of any of the following:

  1. the date you are no longer disabled,
  2. the date you do not comply, or fail to comply with the proof of claim provision,
  3. the date the you fail to undergo, when requested by the insurance company, medical, psychiatric, psychological examinations and evaluation selected by the insurance company,
  4. the date you refuse or fail to undergo medical, psychiatric or psychological treatment or participate in a rehabilitation program considered beneficial to you as recommended by the insurance company,
  5. the date you fail to furnish satisfactory evidence of continuance of disability or the date you are no longer receiving Regular Care and Attendance of a Physician satisfactory to the insurance company,
  6. the date you reach your maximum benefit period,
  7. the date you return to your Regular Occupation,
  8. the date you retire,
  9. any period of incarceration in a prison or mental institution following conviction by a criminal court, or
  10. the date of your death (with the exception of the survivor benefit, if applicable).

Termination of Coverage

Your coverage terminates on the earliest of any of the following occurrences:

  1. the Policy Anniversary Date coinciding with or following the date You have reached Age 70,
  2. subject to the grace period, the date any premium due has not been paid, unless premiums are being waived,
  3. the end of the period for which premiums have been paid, following receipt by Doctors Manitoba of written notice from You that one or more units of Your coverage are to be terminated,
  4. the date on which You no longer qualify as a duly qualified member of Doctors Manitoba in accordance with the membership requirements,
  5. the date on which the group policy is terminated,
  6. the date of Your retirement, or
  7. the date of Your death.

Note: If you are receiving disability benefits when your coverage would otherwise terminate, your benefits may continue. See the Payment of Benefits section for more details.

For Residents in the PARIM plan, if you withdraw from or are terminated from your program, coverage ends on the date of termination from your program.

Extension of Coverage

If on the date Your coverage terminates because the group policy terminates and You are disabled and either receiving benefits, eligible to receive benefits or fulfilling a required Elimination Period, the insurance company will pay You the monthly benefit while You remain disabled in accordance with the terms of this coverage.

Leave of Absence

The insurance of a duly qualified member of Doctors Manitoba will not terminate due to a leave of absence, sabbatical leave of a maximum duration of 4 years, or solely by reason of such member having moved from the province of Manitoba. You may continue the coverage in force as long as the premiums are paid by the Premium Due Date. The Premium Due Date for PARIM Members on a Leave of Absence is delayed until they return to work. However, You may not apply for a subsequent increase in coverage or change of coverage until such time as You again become a member in accordance with the membership requirements.


If You move outside of the province of Manitoba and maintain Your membership with Doctors Manitoba, You may continue the coverage in force as long as the premiums are paid by the Premium Due Date. You may also increase or change the coverage provided You are resident in Canada. Any increase in coverage is subject to evidence of good health and approval by the insurance company.

Tax Issues

Premiums paid by You are not tax deductible and benefits received are not taxable.

Premiums paid by a group and deducted as a business expense means benefits received are taxable.

Facility of Payment

If for any reason, You are not competent to give a valid release for payments to which You are entitled, the insurance company may in its discretion make payment, to the extent permitted by law, to any person related to You, or to any other individual appearing to the insurance company to be equitably entitled to such payment. Any payment made by the insurance company in good faith pursuant to this provision fully discharges the insurance company to the extent of such payment.

Rights of the Insurance Company

If benefit payments made are later determined to be in excess of the amounts You are qualified for, the insurance company and Doctors Manitoba reserve the right to recover the excess. If the excess amount cannot be recovered, the insurance company has the right to reduce benefit payments until the excess amount is fully recovered.

Right of Examination

On request, Doctors Manitoba will make the group policy available to You for inspection at a reasonably accessible place.


Your rights and interests with respect to the group policy may not be assigned.

Governing Law

This contract will be subject to the laws of the province of Manitoba.

Your coverage will be subject to the laws of the Canadian province or territory in which You resided at the time of application.


The insurance company will not contest the validity of Your coverage, or any Unit of Your coverage, after it has been in effect for 2 years from the effective date of insurance, or the date of reinstatement, except for fraud.

No statement will be used by the insurance company to void Your coverage or to deny a claim during this

2 year period unless the statement is:

  1. false,
  2. part of the Your application, and
  3. material to the insurance.

In issuing each coverage, the insurance company has relied on statements made in the applications of Doctors Manitoba and each applicant. These are representations and not warranties. If Your coverage is voided for fraud, the insurance company will not refund the premiums paid under Your coverage.

Limitation of Action

Every action or proceeding against an insurer for the recovery of insurance money payable under the contract is absolutely barred unless commenced within the time set out in the Insurance Act, or other applicable legislation, or the Limitations Act, 2002, in Ontario.


Your coverage may be reinstated at any time within 6 months from the date of the lapse, on the following conditions:

  1. receipt by the insurance company of satisfactory evidence of good health and insurability determined on the same basis as when the coverage was issued,
  2. receipt by the insurance company of all overdue premiums with interest, and
  3. written confirmation by the insurance company of Your coverage’s reinstatement.

HIV/​Hepatitis B and C Provision

If for the first time ever You test positive for Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) or are determined to be a carrier of the Hepatitis B or Hepatitis C Virus (acute viral hepatitis) and are in an asymptomatic infectious state, You are eligible for Partial Disability benefits, notwithstanding the fact that You are neither Totally Disabled nor Partially Disabled. You are considered eligible if, prior to Age 65, You suffer from either or both of the following conditions:

  1. the condition is required to be disclosed to Your patients by regulations approved by an appropriate government authority or hospital board or an applicable medical regulatory body or licensing authority, and/​or
  2. the condition results in a limitation of Your practice of medicine as a consequence of regulations approved by an appropriate governmental authority or hospital board or an applicable medical regulatory body or licensing authority, and

as a consequence of either or both of the situations described in paragraphs (a) or (b), You suffer a loss of 20% or more of Your Pre-Disability Average Net Monthly Earned Income for the period before: the date the condition was disclosed as provided in paragraph (a) and/​or Your practice of medicine was limited as provided in paragraph (b).

If these circumstances apply, the insurance company will pay benefits in accordance with the terms governing the calculation of the Partial Disability benefit.

Your Partial Disability benefits under this provision terminate on the earliest of any of the following occurrences:

  1. the date You are determined to have recovered from the infectious state,
  2. the date You no longer suffer a loss of Pre-Disability Average Net Monthly Earned Income of at least 20%,
  3. the date You become entitled to Total Disability or Partial Disability benefits,
  4. the date You reach Age 65,
  5. the date of Your death, or
  6. the date You fail to furnish satisfactory medical or financial evidence as requested by the insurance company.


Actively at Work means You work at Your Regular Occupation for a minimum of 20 hours per week and perform all of the usual and customary job duties, at the time of application for insurance and during any period You are not disabled.

Age means the Age as of the Policy Anniversary Date of each year.

Earned Income means income resulting from Your performance of personal services in any and all occupations, including bonuses, overtime pay and all other extra compensation, after deduction of the usual and customary business expenses incurred in earning such income and before the deduction of any income taxes. Earned Income does not include interest, dividends, rents, royalties, annuities, pensions, wage continuation plans, or any other payments which do not depend on Your ability to earn an income.

Elimination Period means the number of days that must elapse following the date on which Your disability is deemed to have commenced, during which time no benefits will be payable.

Injury means accidental bodily injury sustained while Your coverage is in force and which directly and independently of all other causes, results in limitation, impairments and/​or restrictions preventing You from performing all of the usual and customary duties of Your Regular Occupation.

An injury resulting in disability or loss which is caused directly or indirectly by any form of Sickness, disease, hernia, or degenerative condition, or any infection, other than infection of a visible external accidental cut or wound, will be deemed to be a Sickness for the purposes of this insurance. Any such Injury resulting in disability where such disability commences more than 60 days after the Injury will be considered a Sickness for the purpose of determining the maximum benefits period.

Insured Member means a Member, under the age of 70, whose application for insurance under this policy has been accepted by the insurance company and for whom insurance is in force.

Non-Smoker means You have not used any form of tobacco or tobacco cessation products in the 12 consecutive months preceding the date of application for:

  1. Disability Income insurance, any applicable rider; or
  2. Non-Smoker rates;

and You also meet the insurance company’s health standards. Marijuana use is excluded.

PARIM Member means a person who is a resident member of the Professional Association of Residents and Interns of Manitoba.

Partial Disability or Partially Disabled means that, if under Age 65, You have a loss of Earned Income of at least 20%, or You are engaged in another occupation and have a loss of Earned Income of at least 20%. Your Partial Disability must be a result of Sickness or Injury for which You are under the Regular Care and Attendance of a Physician. If a disability commences on or after Age 65, You will be considered Partially Disabled after being Totally Disabled during Your Elimination Period. You will not be entitled to receive Partial Disability Benefits while in receipt of Total Disability Benefits.

Physician means a physician or surgeon who is licensed as such in Canada or United States of America or any such other region as the insurance company may approve, and who is practicing within the scope of the Physician’s licensed authority. A Physician must be someone other than You, or Your immediate family member, or anyone who resides with You.

Policy Anniversary Date means June 1st of each year.

Policy Year means the period commencing on the effective date of insurance and terminating on May 31st of the following year and beginning on any Policy Anniversary Date thereafter.

Pre-Disability Average Net Monthly Earned Income means Your Earned Income averaged using the highest consecutive 12 months in the 24 months immediately preceding the disability date.

Premium Due Date means the first day of the month coinciding with or following Your effective date of insurance, and on each Policy Anniversary Date thereafter.

Regular Care and Attendance means a planned program of observation, care, and treatment requiring the personal attendance of You by a Physician, which, once initiated, is continued in accordance with existing standards of medical practice for the Sickness or Injury which is the cause of Disability.

If a Disability is as a result of or is contributed to by an addiction disorder You must, at the Company’s discretion, participate in a therapeutic program, recognized as such by the Company and be under continuous medical supervision by a licensed specialist in this field.

If a Disability is the result of or is contributed to by a psychiatric disorder as recognized by the American Psychiatric Association (APA), You must be under the care of a licensed Physician and licensed psychiatrist or licensed clinical psychologist as deemed necessary and appropriate by the Company. You must also be following the Regular Care and Attendance recommended.

Regular Occupation means the occupation You are engaged in immediately preceding the disability date.

Sickness means a disease or illness which first manifests itself while coverage is in force, and/​or restrictions preventing You from performing the usual and customary duties of Your Regular Occupation.

Complications of pregnancy are considered a Sickness. Sickness does not include an ineligible disease or illness resulting directly or indirectly from any risk covered under the Exclusions.

Total Disability or Totally Disabled means that, as a result of Sickness or Injury for which You are under the Regular Care and Attendance of a Physician, You are unable to perform the usual and customary duties of Your Regular Occupation, You are suffering a loss of Earned Income and are not engaged in any other gainful occupation. There must be documented evidence of medical impairments, restrictions and limitation precluding You from performing the normal duties of Your Regular Occupation. The availability of employment will not be considered in the assessment of Disability.

You or Your means an Insured Member, under Age 70, whose application for the Disability Income Insurance has been accepted by the insurance company and whose insurance is in force.

Income Qualification Chart

The maximum monthly benefit payment you qualify for is based on your earned income*. Use this table to calculate the maximum you are eligible for.

Annual Earned Income* ($) Monthly Earned Income* ($) Maximum Monthly Benefit ($) 
70,000 — 72,499 5,833 — 6,042 3,900
72,500 — 74,999 6,042 — 6,250 4,000
75,000 — 77,499 6,250 — 6,458 4,100
77,500 — 79,999 6,458 — 6,667 4,200
80,000 — 82,499 6,667 — 6,875 4,300
82,500 — 84,999 6,875 — 7,083 4,500
85,000 — 87,499 7,083 — 7,292 4,600
87,500 — 89,999 7,292 — 7,500 4,700
90,000 — 92,499 7,500 — 7,708 4,800
92,500 — 94,999 7,708 — 7,917 4,900
95,000 — 97,499 7,917 — 8,125 4,900
97,500 — 99,000 8,125 — 8,333 5,000
100,000 — 102,999 8,333 — 8,583 5,100
103,000 — 105,999 8,583 — 8,833 5,200
106,000 — 108,999 8,833 — 9,083 5,300
109,000 — 111,999 9,083 — 9,333 5,400
112,000 — 114,999 9,333 — 9,583 5,500
115,000 — 117,999 9,583 — 9,833 5,600
118,000 — 121,999 9,833 — 10,167 5,800
122,000 — 125,999 10,167 — 10,500 5,900
126,000 — 129,999 10,500 — 10,833 6,000
130,000 — 133,999 10,833 — 11,167 6,100
134,000 — 137,999 11,167 — 11,500 6,300
138,000 — 141,999 11,500 — 11,833 6,400
142,000 — 145,999 11,833 — 12,167 6,500
146,000 — 149,999 12,167 — 12,500 6,700
150,000 — 154,999 12,500 — 12,917 6,800
155,000 — 159,999 12,917 — 13,333 6,900
160,000 — 164,999 13,333 — 13,750 7,100
165,000 — 169,999 13,750 — 14,167 7,200
170,000 — 174,999 14,167 — 14,583 7,400
175,000 — 179,999 14,583 — 15,000 7,500
180,000 — 184,999 15,000 — 15,417 7,700
185,000 — 189,999 15,417 — 15,833 7,800
190,000 — 194,999 15,833 — 16,250 8,000
195,000 — 199,999 16,250 — 16,667 8,100
200,000 — 203,999 16,667 — 17,000 8,300
204,000 — 207,999 17,000 — 17,333 8,400
208,000 — 211,999 17,333 — 17,667 8,500
212,000 — 215,999 17,667 — 18,000 8,600
216,000 — 219,999 18,000 — 18,333 8,700
220,000 — 224,999 18,333 — 18,750 8,800
225,000 — 229,999 18,750 — 19,167 8,900
230,000 — 234,999 19,167 — 19,583 9,000
235,000 — 239,999 19,583 — 20,000 9,200
240,000 — 243,999 20,000 — 20,333 9,300
244,000 — 247,999 20,333 — 20,667 9,400
248,000 — 251,999 20,667 — 21,000 9,500
252,000 — 255,999 21,000 — 21,333 9,600
256,000 — 259,999 21,333 — 21,667 9,800
260,000 — 263,999 21,667 — 22,000 9,900
264,000 — 267,999 22,000 — 22,333 10,000
268,000 — 271,999 22,333 — 22,667 10,200
272,000 — 275,999 22,667 — 23,000 10,300
276,000 — 279,999 23,000 — 23,333 10,400
280,000 — 283,999 23,333 — 23,667 10,600
284,000 — 287,999 23,667 — 24,000 10,700
288,000 — 291,999 24,000 — 24,333 10,800
292,000 — 295,999 24,333 — 24,667 11,000
296,000 — 299,999 24,667 — 25,000 11,100
300,000 — 307,999 25,000 — 25,667 11,200
308,000 — 315,999 25,667 — 26,333 11,500
316,000 — 323,999 26,333 — 27,000 11,800
324,000 — 331,999 27,000 — 27,667 11,900
332,000 — 339,999 27,667 — 28,333 12,000
340,000 — 347,999 28,333 — 29,000 12,000
348,000 — 354,999 29,000 — 29,583 12,000
355,000 — 363,999 29,583 — 30,333 12,100
364,000 — 371,999 30,333 — 31,000 12,200
372,000 — 379,999 31,000 — 31,667 12,300
380,000 — 387,999 31,667 — 32,333 12,400
388,000 — 395,999 32,333 — 33,000 12,500
396,000 — 403,999 33,000 — 33,667 12,600
404,000 — 411,999 33,667 — 34,333 12,700
412,000 — 419,999 34,333 — 35,000 12,900
420,000 — 427,999 35,000 — 35,667 13,000
428,000 — 435,999 35,667 — 36,333 13,200
436,000 — 443,999 36,333 — 37,000 13,400
444,000 — 451,999 37,000 — 37,667 13,500
452,000 — 459,999 37,667 — 38,333 13,700
460,000 — 466,999 38,333 — 38,917 13,900
467,000 — 472,999 38,917- 39,417 14,000
473,000 — 479,999 39,417 — 40,000 14,200
480,000 — 486,999 40,000 — 40,583 14,300
487,000 — 492,999 40,583 — 41,083 14,500
493,000 — 499,999 41,083 — 41,667 14,600
500,000 — 505,999 41,667 — 42,167 14,700
506,000 — 511,999 42,167 — 42,667 14,900
512,000 — 517,999 42,667 — 43,167 15,000**

* Earned Income is income from your medical practice (or salary if you are an employee), after business expenses, but before income tax.

** Doctors Manitoba offers a maximum of $15,000 per month of disability insurance for applicants under age 60, and $10,000 for those age 60 or over. If your insurance needs may exceed $15,000 per month, please contact us to discuss additional coverage options:

  • Mark Venton, Insurance Coordinator, at 9855846, or
  • Gord Brennan, Marketing Representative, at 9851140.
Retirement Protector Income Ratio Guide
Annual Earned Income ($) Monthly Earned Income ($) Maximum Monthly Benefit ($)
60,000 5,000 300
70,000 6,000 300
78,000 6,500 400
96,000 8,000 400
102,000 8,500 500
120,000 10,000 500
132,000 11,000 600
144,000 12,000 600
156,000 13,000 700
180,000 15,000 800
204,000 17,000 1,000
240,000 20,000 1,000
276,000 23,000 1,000
300,000 25,000 1,000
408,000 34,000 1,000
Last updated
May 6, 2024

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