Manitobans are invited to visit Get​tingHealthy​.ca, a new resource site with tips and advice from physicians on the simple steps Manitobans can take towards Getting Healthy. Plus, we’ve created fun, positive contest with a chance to win fun prizes for any Manitoban who signs up to do one thing this month to get healthy. 

Whether it’s being active or eating well, reducing stress or sleeping better, or catching up on immunizations and medical screenings, our new Get​tingHealthy​.ca resource has practical tips for Manitobans of all ages and abilities,” explained Doctors Manitoba President Dr. Michael Boroditsky. 

You can help spread the word during the month of June by:

  • Sharing the campaign on social media
  • Adding the campaign to your practice or clinic website
  • Posting signs in your clinic or practice about the campaign.

Why are we doing this campaign?

In a public survey we commissioned last month, 83% of Manitobans said they could be doing more to get or stay healthy. In our previous Doctors Manitoba survey, members told us overwhelmingly to continue public awareness advertising, and to focus it on healthy living and disease prevention. We are using feedback from the public and from our members to guide this work.

The Getting Healthy campaign brings an important public awareness message to Manitobans using a clever, positive, empowering approach. It also reinforces that Manitoba’s physicians care deeply about the health and well-being of Manitobans, while emphasizing that doctors are the experts when it comes to health and medicine. 

Our public survey found Manitobans believe they aren’t doing nearly enough or could be doing more in the following areas:

  • Physical activity (56% of Manitobans)
  • Managing stress (53%)
  • Getting a good night sleep (50%)
  • Eating well (48%)
  • Catching up on immunizations and medical screenings (19%)

We also found most Manitobans (75+%) are interested in getting more information about healthy living and prevention from a credible source like physicians, and nearly two thirds (63%) wish they had more time to talk to their doctor about what they can do to live a healthier life and prevent diseases and illness.

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