Physician & Family Support Program

The Physician and Family Support Program was established in 2015 by Doctors Manitoba on behalf of all Manitoba physicians, residents and medical student.

This is a confidential, comprehensive resource program available 24/7 designed to provide you and your dependents with support to manage issues at work or at home including confidential counselling, legal support and many other services. For more information click here

The services are designed to be available 24 hours a day regardless of location, toll-free.

Members will have a choice of skilled and highly-trained counsellors available to you and your immediate family in your community, in a neighbouring community, by telephone, video (live via Webcam), online and in-person. No matter where you’re located or the type of challenge you’re facing, our network of counsellors can provide you with high-quality support on a wide variety of issues.

In addition, the website offers you and your family extensive educational resources, podcasts, online seminars and more. To learn more about the services available and to access any of the counselling or work/life consultation services listed above:

CALL: 1-844-4DOCSMB (436-2762)
Company ID: DOCSMB