Doctors Manitoba
 is dedicated to ensuring that its members have sustainable practices which can lead to ‘better care, better health and better value’ for all Manitobans. This vision was originally outlined in the Doctors Manitoba 2013-2015 Strategic Plan: Sharing Our Vision.

The Physician Health & Wellness Program:

  • Develops and promotes wellness programs that respond to the changing needs and priorities of our members
  • Enhances the Physicians-at-Risk program (PAR) by providing a prevention component
  • Links with the Canadian Medical Association (CMA) and Provincial / Territorial Medical Associations (PTMA) to piggy back on their wellness programs/conferences
  • Developed and maintains the Physician Health & Wellness website to promote physician wellness
  • Endorses the ‘MD for MDs’ wellness initiative by:
    • Identifying MDs that are prepared to accept other MDs as patients
    • Developing and delivering supportive training for the MDs who accept MDs as patients
    • Assisting our members in accessing an MD with the Physician Connection Line
  • Facilitates processes to improve professionalism values consistent with the aims of better care, better health, better value