Transition to Practice

Doctors Manitoba is pleased to provide a variety of advice and information to Residents on the verge of completing their post-graduate training.  Working either with PARIM, your residency program or individual groups of residents, we can tailor presentations to you about a variety of topics, including:

  • Billing
  • Practice modalities (fee-for-service, salary, etc.)
  • Doctors Manitoba CMPA Rebate Program
  • Doctors Manitoba Physician Retention Program
  • Doctors Manitoba CME Rebate Program
  • Doctors Manitoba Mat/Pat Benefits Program
  • Suitable insurance as your income and financial obligations increase
  • Uninsured services
  • Manitoba Health audits
  • Practice Management/The Business of Medicine
  • Contract Review
  • Physician Health & Wellness
  • Accounting and Legal
  • Incorporation

This takes place either through dedicated sessions or through sessions available to all Residents.  We also take part in the College of Medicine’s Practice Management Curriculum together with the Canadian Medical Association.

The CMA’s New in Practice guide also contains helpful information about transitioning to practice.

If you have suggestions or questions about Transition to Practice, please contact Braden Kalichuk at (204) 985-5848.