Resident FAQs

While we strive to ensure that the Collective Agreement is clear and concise, it can often be tough to find exactly what you’re looking for.  There are a variety of common questions that we’ve answered in this FAQ section.  If you’re still unsure about the answer, please feel free to call or email PARIM confidentially to inquire.

How much do I get paid?

Effective Date PGY1 PGY2 PGY3 PGY4 PGY5 PGY6 PGY7 PGY8
July 1, 2016 $56,621 $63,471 $68,082 $73,319 $78,557 $83,796 $88,929 $95,875
July 1, 2017 $57,187 $64,105 $68,763 $74,053 $79,343 $84,634 $89,819 $96,833

How and when do I get paid?

Your pay is deposited directly to your bank account (provided you have given your account info to WRHA/HSC payroll office). Your pay stubs are sent to your home address unless you sign up for “epost” in which case you will receive them electronically. You get paid bi-weekly, on Thursdays. Your employee number is located on every pay stub you receive. Pay stubs are generally available the day before or day of the direct deposit. Keep in mind the ‘cut off’ day is a week before the pay date for two weeks of work. Specific queries with respect to pay deposits should be directed to the payroll branch at  If you don’t understand your pay stub, please ask PARIM or the WRHA.

How much are the On-Call Stipends?

July 1, 2016

In-Hospital Call: $134.28 on a weekday; $203.96 on a weekend or holiday
Home Call: $59.25 on a weekday; $82.50 on a weekend or holiday

July 1, 2017

In-Hospital Call: $154.42 on a weekday; $244.76 on a weekend or holiday
Home Call: $62.21 on a weekday; $90.75 on a weekend or holiday

Note: You should track your On-Call shifts and review your pay stub each pay period to ensure you are paid correctly.

How much is the stipend for being Chief Administrative Resident or Senior Administrative Resident?

Chief: $300/month
Senior: $150/month

Are there maternity or parental leave benefits?

Yes, PARIM members are members of Doctors Manitoba and are therefore eligible for the Doctors Manitoba Maternity / Parental Leave program. Generally, Residents are eligible for up to 17 consecutive weeks of benefits as long as he/she has earned qualifying income for at least 17 weeks in the prior 12 months.  If the Resident has worked less than 17 weeks, the maximum benefit would equal the number of weeks actually worked.

If you have questions about the Doctors Manitoba Maternity / Parental Leave benefits, please contact Barry Hallman at Doctors Manitoba at (204) 985-5865.

How much vacation do I get?

You are entitled to 4 weeks off per academic year.  Usually this is taken in a 4-week block or in two 2-week blocks, at your discretion.  Your vacation schedule must be approved.

What about statutory holidays?

You also get statutory holidays off, including: Canada Day, August Civic Holiday, Labour Day, Thanksgiving Day, Remembrance Day, Christmas Day*, Boxing Day*, New Year’s Day*, Louis Riel Day, Good Friday, Easter Monday and Victoria Day.

If you are scheduled to work on a stat, you must be scheduled and paid for at least 8 hours but can be sent home before that.  You are entitled to a day off in lieu – to be used in the same rotation; however, if that is not possible then you will be paid an extra day’s pay.

If a stat holiday falls within vacation time, it does not count against your vacation.

Do I get time off over the Christmas holidays?

Each Resident is entitled to five (5) consecutive days off (without loss of pay). That 5-day period must include either Christmas Day/Boxing Day or New Year’s Day. Most rotations will try to accommodate requests for which 5-day period you would like to take, but it is not a guarantee. Please note:

  • You cannot be scheduled to work later than 1700 hours on the day prior to of the first the 5-days off.
  • Residents must advise the appropriate WRHA official by November 15.
  • These holidays cannot be claimed by Residents as banked time.

New: You may request the time off at a time other than Christmas/Boxing Day or New Year’s Day. If approved by the WRHA, it must be taken at a time mutually agreeable, but no later than the end of the post-graduate training year.

What about religious holidays?

This is not guaranteed by contract, however, to accommodate the diverse health care work force in Winnipeg, Post-Graduate Medical Education and the WRHA will often give employees time off for religious observances. If not, you will have to use your paid vacation.

What if I'm not getting paid for my On-Call shifts?

Check your pay stubs regularly to make sure you are being paid for all your On-Call shifts. The acronyms used by the WRHA are confusing but they try to delineate between In-Hospital Call, Home Calls (by weekday and weekend) and your Converted Call. If you are not paid in full, contact the WRHA payroll office at to try and fix the problem. If unsuccessful, please contact PARIM for guidance. We will also check to make sure that your On-Call position is listed in Appendix E of the Collective Agreement. Appendix E lists the On-Call positions that are approved and therefore remunerated as On-Call shifts.

Occasionally, new positions are created and this may be the reason that you have yet to be paid for your work. This is usually an easy problem to solve by making an amendment to Appendix E, with the agreement of the WRHA.
If you wish to have a summary of your paid On-Call shifts, please contact PARIM for help.

What is a Call Conversion?

A Resident who is scheduled for Home Call but is required to work in the hospital during the call for more than four (4) hours, of which more than one (1) full hour is after midnight and before 06:00 hours shall be remunerated at the rate applicable to In-Hospital call, i.e. your Home Call is converted to an In-Hospital Call and you get paid the higher amount.

A Resident who is scheduled for Home Call on a weekend or a designated recognized holiday but is required to work in the hospital during the call for more than twelve (12) hours shall be remunerated at 75% of the rate applicable to the In-Hospital Call.

In order to be paid the appropriate amount, you must complete and submit a Call Conversion Form” ONLINE for EACH call shift that qualifies. This is available on the PARIM website at

How many On-Call shifts can teh WRHA schedule me for?

In-Hospital Call should be no more than 1 On-Call shift per 4 days, averaged over the 28-day rotation (i.e. up to 7 shifts in a 28-day rotation).
Home-Call should be no more than 1 day On-Call per 3 days, averaged over the 28-day rotation (i.e. up to 10 shifts).

These are the maximums that can be assigned under the Collective Agreement.
Unless there are critical professional and/or patient care reasons, you should never work more than 26 consecutive hours (including transfer of care). If you are required to do so, the WRHA may be in violation of the Collective Agreement. Please contact PARIM confidentially if you feel that your service is not complying with the contract.

What if I work an On-Call shift on a stat holiday?

If you are scheduled to work on a stat holiday, it is considered on-call. You must be scheduled and paid for at least 8 hours but can be sent home before that. You are entitled to a day off in lieu – to be used in the same rotation; however, if that is not possible then you will be paid an extra day’s pay.

Someone is sleeping in my call room! What can I do?

If that someone is another Resident or a medical student, try to find another call room. There are often extra unused rooms that you can access through security.

If that someone is not associated with the hospital, consider contacting hospital security.

If the call rooms are in need of repair, please contact PARIM.

What is the payment process for CMPA?

All new Residents must complete the CMPA application as part of the registration process, and forward directly to CMPA by the deadline highlighted in the registration package. CMPA membership must be in place prior to the start of residency. PGME forwards proof of residency training to CMPA. They also renew CMPA membership annually for all returning residents.

PARIM negotiated for the WRHA to pay full membership fees up front. You do NOT need to send any money to CMPA.

Each resident will pay a portion ($625). This portion is deducted from your pay in two installments throughout the year.

What if I fail a rotation?

You will most likely be required to repeat the failed rotation. If you feel your failure was not appropriate, you should consider appealing your evaluation. This process is time sensitive. Please contact PARIM immediately with any questions.

What about sick time?

You get 30 sick days per academic year. Unused sick time does not roll over to the next year, nor are you paid out for unused sick time. You will not suffer loss of pay or other benefits during this time. After that, it depends on your own personal disability insurance coverage. Contact Doctors Manitoba regarding appropriate disability insurance coverage.

What if I become ill or injured as a result of my employment?

Please contact PARIM immediately. PARIM will make all efforts to ensure that you suffer no loss of income.

What if my stuff, such as a stethoscope, is stolen, lost or broken while I'm working?

Appendix B of the Collective Agreement is the Personal Effects Loss Reporting Form. Fill out the form and submit it to the WRHA, and you MAY be compensated for your loss.

Conference Time?

There is no time or money guaranteed in the contract to attend conferences. The amount of conference time permitted and money available is program specific.

Contract Violation/Grievances

If you feel that a violation of the contract has taken place, please contact PARIM. Most problems can be solved informally and confidentially, failing which, Doctors Manitoba is available to assist Residents in more complex matters and/or in the grievance process. The sooner you deal with the problem, the better!