Special Pandemic Education Rebate – 2020

Doctors Manitoba is offering a new Special Pandemic Education Rebate as a one-time extension of our Continuing Medical Education rebate program.

We’ve launched this new Special Pandemic Education Rebate to recognize the unparalleled level of continuing medical education required by physicians in 2020 due to emerging and changing knowledge about COVID-19. This rebate will not impact your eligibility for our regular CME reimbursement program.

Please complete the short application form below to submit your application. Please complete all sections for your application. Applications will be accepted until June 30, 2021.

  • Part 1: Personal Information

  • Part 2: Confirm Eligibility

  • All physicians who have earned income in 2020 directly or indirectly from Manitoba Health qualify for this rebate, consistent with our existing CME rebate program. This includes both fee-for-service and alternatively-funded physicians who have earned income from Manitoba Health, RHAs, Shared Health, CancerCare or AFM. Residents who hold a full license to practice may be eligible for a CME rebate if they also "moonlight" to earn fee-for-service income. You must also have been licensed to practice medicine in Manitoba by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Manitoba.

  • Part 3: Certify Expenses

  • To receive the $2,000 Special Pandemic Education Rebate, you must certify that you have incurred expenses or invested clinical time to maintain a current knowledge about the evolving, novel COVID-19 coronavirus and the pandemic response. This could include traditional CME expenses such as training and seminars, but also more typical learning activities during the pandemic such as reviewing journal articles and emerging evidence, learning about changing clinical guidelines, attending webinars, etc. Due to the current learning environment, no receipts or certificates of attendance or completion are required.

  • Certification

    I certify that I meet at least one of the following expense criteria to support my COVID-19 learning in 2020

    • Incurred expenses, or
    • Invested clinical time, or
    • Have forgone remuneration, or
    • Continued to incur fixed overhead costs
  • Part 4: Submit Your Application

    Click submit below to complete your application. By clicking submit, you verify that the information you have provided is accurate and complete.

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The deadline for applying for the Special Pandemic Education Rebate is June 30, 2021

For further information, contact:

Barry Hallman
Benefit Programs Coordinator