Bison Family Medical Clinic Inc — Family Physician, Walk in, locum opportunities

Bison Family Medical Clinic Inc is the largest family clinic group in Winnipeg. We provide excellent, integrative medical care to our community. We are located in seven locations across Winnipeg.
Our physicians are dedicated to providing easy access, and empathetic medical care to a growing community. In addition to family and walk-in medicine, we also have psychiatry, procedural, women’s health, as well as dietitian, pharmacy and nursing support. Our staff is trained on facilitating short list labs such as urine dips, pregnancy tests, throat swabs for strep tests, ECGs and spirometry.

The Objective
We are looking to recruit part-time and full-time physicians interested in family practice, walk-in and locum opportunities to provide compassionate care to a growing community with a variety of needs.

The Opportunity
• We provide an aesthetically pleasing clinic environment with well trained staff, full EMR and billing support, as well as ongoing teaching and mentoring in a collegial network of physicians
• We have dedicated procedure rooms, ECG, Spirometry and lab as well as all the tools needed to practice the kind of medicine you want to practice
• Work the hours you want, see the patients you want, practice the type of medicine that best fits your interests, whether it is family medicine, travel, addictions, counselling, or walk-in
• The overhead includes all Manitoba health and private billings. We also provide mentoring support to optimize billings and ensure that you are paid fairly for the work that you do.
• Bison Family Medical Clinic Inc treats both patients and physicians as clients with unique needs, and so we provide not just a work space, but a place where we expect you to be happy building a career

Additional Information

  • Renumeration / Overhead Split: competitive overhead of 25%
  • Contact Name: Deidre Ross
  • Contact Email:
  • Contact Phone: (204) 275-1500
  • Address: 1-80 Bison Drive
  • RHA: Winnipeg RHA
  • Closing Date: 12/31/2020