Date Posted: August 172022
Closing Date: November 302022
Renumeration / Overhead Split: Multiple Options 
RHA: Winnipeg RHA


We currently have an opportunity for a group of physicians to join us in its entirety so if you and some friends would like to join as a group we are able to accommodate that. Assiniboine offers many onsite services for both you and your patients benefit. We currently have: An onsite Dynacare, Billing Department, Medical Records/​Transcription Department, EKG, Spirometry, Vision Testing, Xray, Pharmacy, and Physiotherapy. Additionally, we have a number of specialists working along side the primary care group. We currently have General Surgery, Urology, Internal Medicine, Allergy and Cardiology. We have a strong, co-operative group and are looking for members that would be a good fit for our team. We have a variety of agreements to choose from so you can select the agreement that works best for your practice style. 

Contact Information 

Marc Desjardins