Date Posted: February 262021
Renumeration / Overhead Split: 30/70


Crestview Medical Clinic has some upcoming maternity leaves. Our full practice physicians also provide a component of Walk-In Clinic coverage, so we will be in need when mid-summer arrives. We are looking for qualified Family Practice physicians who wish to do some Walk-In shifts from mid-summer until the New Year. Applicants must have excellent communication skills and a professional demeanour consistent with clinic expectations. We utilize Accuro / QHR for our EMR. Our clinic has desk space in a shared back office, we offer EKG’s and spiros (when COVID allows) as well as a minor procedure room to supplement income and to broaden the service offering. We have an in-house Pediatrician, Neurologist and expect to have a Rehab Physiatrist to assist in the provision of specialized support.

Contact Information 

Dr. Ian Maharaj
(204) 7910989