Cognitive Behavioural Therapy with Mindfulness (CBTm) for Physicians and Medical Learners is a set of courses designed to offer education and skills training in evidence-based self-management strategies to support the mental wellbeing of physicians and medical learners, delivered in a supportive peer environment. The classes and workshop are facilitated by Dr. Tanya Sala, a psychiatrist with a special interest in physician and student mental health. There is no charge for any of these courses and participation is confidential.

After participation in any one of the courses offered, participants will have an increased ability to:

  • Observe and manage unhelpful patterns of thinking, behaving, and feeling that increase emotional suffering.
  • Use CBT and mindfulness skills to manage life stresses at work and at home.
  • Make a choice about how to respond to life stresses rather than reacting.

As an additional benefit, participation in one or more of these courses will enhance your knowledge about using CBT techniques with your patients.

Three different course options are included to provide as much flexibility as possible in scheduling and accommodate individual needs. You are encouraged to choose the course option that best fits your scheduling and learning needs.

  1. A set of five 90-min virtual facilitator-led classes — 5 weeks, once per week beginning September 15, 2022 via Zoom.
  2. An online self-directed course with five modules, mirroring the facilitator-led classes but offering more scheduling flexibility. Registration is open now.
  3. A ten-week virtual CBT skills workshop — once per week beginning October 4, 2022 via Zoom.

Each course includes reflective exercises and skills practice between sessions.

This event may qualify as an Accredited Group Learning Activity (Section 1) as defined by the Maintenance of Certification Program of The Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada (accreditation pending).

Download a poster for the courses here and register for one of the courses here.