Examining, assessing and treating a patient for illness is an insured service. However, preparing a sick note” – a letter from the physician to an employer, an educational institution, or otherwise – to be used by a patient as proof of their illness is not an insured service.

Manitoba law does not prevent employers from requesting sick notes from employees at this time.

However, as the COVID-19 pandemic approached on March 12, 2020, the Chief Provincial Public Health Officer of Manitoba Health directed all employers to take steps to ensure their employees can stay home when ill, without facing barriers such as the requirement for sick notes”. This direction has not been rescinded, and Doctors Manitoba provided a draft letter for physicians [here].

Should the direction be rescinded, physicians should respond to patient requests for sick notes as they would for any other certificate or form not covered by Manitoba Health or other insurance. 

If the physician wishes to charge the patient for the sick note, the same recommendations as noted in Section 4, apply.

Last updated
September 2, 2022