The Excluded Services Regulation of the Health Services Insurance Act lists various medical services, which are not insured under the provincial health plan. Immunizations and examinations for the purpose of travel, employment and emigration are excluded services. Therefore, patients should be billed directly for the following services:

  • Visits to obtain advice/​information on health issues associated with travel;
  • Visits to obtain a prescription (e.g., malaria pills) for travel purposes; and,
  • Visits to receive an immunization for travel purposes.

As is the case with all uninsured services, patients must be advised in advance that a service is uninsured; there will be a fee for the service and what the fee will be.

Note: In the event that a patient receiving a travel immunization experiences a side effect such as anaphylaxis, the physician should bill Manitoba Health for any services provided.

Last updated
September 2, 2022