Physicians in Manitoba play an important role in maintaining the safety of roadways throughout the province. Physicians, along with other healthcare professionals, have a legislated responsibility to report medically unfit drivers to Manitoba Public Insurance (MPI). The physician’s duty is to report any patient’s disease or disability that may be expected to interfere with the safe operation of a motor vehicle.”

MPI has created a simple reporting form to help you with this process. In fulfilling your legal obligation, you need to provide only the following information on the top part of the form: 

  1. Patient’s name, address, date of birth; and,
  2. Brief description of disease/​disability OR any significant change in a previously observed disease/​disability

The middle portion of the template form contains a section for the physician to note their recommendation regarding the patient’s driving privileges. Physicians are under no legal obligation to provide a recommendation. MPI is responsible for taking driver licensing action once medical information is received.

Manitoba Public Insurance does not pay a fee for providing this information, and it is not appropriate to bill the patient. 

Manitobans who hold a professional driving license (class 1 — 4 licenses), must file Driver’s Fitness Medical Reports. The frequency of these reports varies based on the driver’s age, and medical condition. Also, Manitobans who have been identified as medically unfit to drive or who have restrictions placed on their license as a result of previous reporting will require a Driver’s Fitness Medical Report to be submitted to MPI. The frequency of these reports will vary based on the patient’s medical condition. An examination of the patient will be required as part of this service.

These reports must be completed by a physician or an optometrist depending on the medical circumstances. Physicians should charge their patients, in accordance with the procedures set out in this guide, for their services including the completion of this form.

Billing Note:

If a patient visit is solely intended to request and complete a driver’s medical then the patient should be billed for the entire service. If as part of a regular office visit a patient requests a Driver’s Medical, it may be appropriate to bill Manitoba for the visit while still charging the patient for the Driver’s Medical form.

Last updated
September 19, 2022