The vast majority of services provided by Physicians in Manitoba are insured and paid for by Manitoba Health. However, in certain circumstances other entities are responsible for insuring those services. 

Workers Compensation Board (WCB)

Manitobans who have suffered an injury or become unwell due to activities associated with their employment and whose employer has Workers Compensation Board (WCB) insurance are eligible for services insured by the WCB. Doctors Manitoba and the WCB have an agreement in place that defines many administrative services associated with caring for a WCB claimant. These services include reporting requirements to the WCB such as initial assessments, follow up assessments and opioid assessments. This agreement also includes other administrative tasks such as providing requested documentation relevant to a WCB case or meeting with WCB officials.

In addition to the services outlined in the agreement between the WCB and Doctors Manitoba, medical services provided to a WCB claimant as part of treatment related to the workplace injury or illness claim should be submitted to the WCB for reimbursement.

WCB Tariff Descriptions

Manitoba Public Insurance (MPI)

In instances of vehicle collisions, most Manitobans hold insurance through MPI. The medical services that are required as part of a MPI claim should be submitted to Manitoba Health. This includes not only vehicle drivers and passengers, but also pedestrians and cyclists injured in collisions with vehicles.

Doctors Manitoba and MPI have an agreement in place that outlines various administrative services and fees payable for MPI claimants. These services include submission of various forms and records that are required by MPI in order to provide benefits to injured citizens. Claims for these services should be submitted directly to MPI.

MPI Fees

For guidance on providing reports and forms in a timely manner, click here.

Last updated
September 12, 2022