There are certain categories of refugee patients that may not be eligible (yet) for Manitoba Health insurance coverage. Many of these patients will have coverage through the Interim Federal Health Program (IFHP). The IFHP provides limited, temporary coverage of health-care benefits for specific groups of people in Canada who do not yet have provincial, territorial, or private health-care coverage. This includes refugee claimants, victims of human trafficking and immigration detainees.

The program is administered by Medavie Blue Cross. To be paid, a physician must first register as a provider. This is a one-time process to enroll you as a provider with Medavie Blue Cross.

Patients will typically present with an eligibility certificate that will include an 8 to 10 digit IFHP number. Coverage can be confirmed by through an on-line portal or by calling Medavie Blue Cross.

Most services will be claimed and submitted using the Physician’s Manual tariffs and you will be paid at Manitoba negotiated rates. This can be done electronically (recommended) or on paper.

For guidance on providing reports and forms in a timely manner, click here.

Last updated
September 12, 2022