Doctors Manitoba and Manitoba Health have agreed to introduce virtual visit tariffs during the pandemic, for use by all fee-for-service physicians. Virtual visit tariffs apply to patient encounters conducted via phone or video.

The following virtual visit tariffs can be used regardless of modality (phone or video). All tariffs will remain available during the pandemic response until Manitoba Health communicates they are no longer available

Tariff Virtual Visit Description Effective Date
8321 Virtual Visit paid equivalent to bloc’s regional history or exam rate Mar 14/20
8535 Consultation, paid equivalent to blocs’ 8550, 8553, 8556, 8516, 8617 or 8557 Apr 24/20
8527 Chronic care, paid equivalent to 8511 (e.g. PCH residents) Apr 1/20
8655 Psychotherapy performed by a non-psychiatrist, paid at equivalent to 8580  Apr 24/20
8675 Group (2 or more patients) psychotherapy by a non-psychiatrist paid at equivalent to 8589 Nov 10/22
8533 Psychotherapy performed by a psychiatrist, paid at equivalent to 8581 Mar 14/20
8786 Psychiatric care, paid at equivalent to 8584 Apr 24/20
8668 Group (24) psychotherapy performed by a psychiatrist paid at equivalent to 8444 Nov 10/22
8669 Group (5+) psychotherapy performed by a psychiatrist paid at equivalent to 8446 Nov 10/22
8521 Consultation performed by a psychiatrist involving a child (less than 18) or geriatric (70 or older) patient, paid at a rate equal to 8554 or 8622 Apr 24/20
8442 Comprehensive virtual assessment by general practitioner paid equivalent to complete visit tariffs 8540, 8424 or 8500 Nov 1/20
8447 Comprehensive virtual assessment by specialist paid equivalent to complete visit tariff 8540, 8503, 8504, 8543, or 8544 for the bloc of practice. Nov 1/20
8284 Virtual visit with patient aged 65 – 69 years by general practitioner paid equivalent to 8425 Nov 1/20
8285 Virtual visit with patient aged 70 years and over by general practitioner paid equivalent to 8513 Nov 1/20

A full rate table is available for review.

The following common rules guide the use of all virtual visit tariffs:

  • You may continue to bill for services provided by a Resident under your supervision in accordance with past practice.
  • Services must be provided personally by the physician. No claim may be made for a virtual visit in which only a physician proxy participates, such as a nurse or clerk.
  • After Hours Premiums may not be claimed in addition, except for urgent or emergent communications.
  • Start and Stop times must be documented in the patient’s chart and included on the claim.
  • Rural/​Northern/​Brandon Fee differentials apply.
  • Both the patient and the physician must be in Manitoba for the virtual visit. Exceptions have been approved by Manitoba Health for patients residing in Nunavut, Saskatchewan and Northwestern Ontario.
DO conduct the visit yourself. Virtual visits by non-physicians are not covered. Where a Physician Assistant carries out part of the visit the physician must also see/​speak with the patient. DON’T use the new tariff for phone advice you would normally have provided following an in-person visit, such as sharing normal test results.
DO continue to provide PCH care in person, unless you are ill or required to self-isolate. You can continue to use tariff 8000 for calls from PCH staff. DON’T invite patients to call for routine questions about COVID-19 and then claim a virtual visit. These are best directed to provincial online resources or Health Links.
DO claim interpretations of any diagnostic tests (e.g., Audiograms, EKG, EEGs…) that are usually billed in addition to visits under the applicable tariff in addition DON’T claim a virtual visit on the same day as an in-person visit
DO include start and stop times in your documentation. DON’T claim office/​home visit tariffs for services provided virtually.
DO claim rural and northern premiums if both you and your patient are outside of Winnipeg DON’T claim after hours premiums unless the service is urgent/​emergent nature.

If you have questions about virtual care and the new tariffs, please contact Roger Jamieson, Ian Foster or Braden Kalichuk at covid19@​doctorsmanitoba.​ca.

Last updated
February 3, 2023