The following form can be used to claim eligible patient outreach-related expenses to support COVID-19 vaccination. This includes:

  • Email outreach, a one-time $700 fee per practice group to send emails to unvaccinated or undervaccinated patients.
  • Patient phone outreach, paid at $3 per vaccinated or undervaccinated patient successfully contacted by phone. Clinic staff must reach and talk to the patient or designate.
  • immPACC committee meetings paid at the hourly committee rate for attendance at immPACC committee meetings to plan community vaccine outreach.

By default, the email and phone outreach costs will be paid via direct deposit to the registered medical clinic and the immPACC committee meeting attendance will be paid to individual physicians, if different from the medical clinic.

PLEASE NOTE: Expenses are eligible to be claimed if they were focused on:

  • 1st or 2nd doses of COVID-19 vaccine for age 12+ starting September 21, or
  • Any dose of COVID-19 vaccine for any eligible age starting December 21.
  • Winnipeg
  • Rural
  • Northern