The following form can be used to claim expenses for multiple vaccine clinics. If you want to submit claims for an individual vaccine clinic, click here.

Expenses should be claimed for scheduled vaccine clinics where the primary focus during those clinic hours was on vaccination. Eligible expenses include:

  • Administrative stipend of $25 / hour (one stipend per practice group / clinic)
  • Minimum hourly rate guarantee, under which you can claim a top up if your total FFS claims during the scheduled clinic period were less than the minimum hourly rate. 

By default, administrative stipend expenses will be paid via direct deposit to the registered medical clinic and the hourly rate top up will be paid to individual physicians, if different from the medical clinic.

PLEASE NOTE: Expenses are eligible to be claimed if they were focused on:

  • 1st or 2nd doses of COVID-19 vaccine for age 12+ starting September 21, or
  • Any dose of COVID-19 vaccine for any eligible age starting December 21.

NOTE: You will have to complete and save this excel form, and then upload it to submit this form. Each form can accommodate up to 12 vaccine clinics If you have more than 12 to submit you can attach multiple files.