Please note: This initiative ended on March 31, 2022, but expense claims can still be submitted. Any eligible vaccine outreach or schedule vaccine clinic activities that were undertaken between September 21, 2021 and March 31, 2022 could qualify for provincial funding. See below for further details and claim you expenses as soon as possible. 

Doctors Manitoba has partnered with several organizations to help physicians support patients in making fully informed choices about COVID-19 vaccination. Below you will find information about the initiative, key resources, and access to important online forms to participate.

The new initiatives were announced by Doctors Manitoba with the provincial government in September 2021. This includes funding and support for:

  • Patient outreach by email and phone to unvaccinated or partially vaccinated patients in your practice.
  • Holding vaccine information and immunization clinics by guaranteeing a minimum hourly rate of remuneration, to help eliminate the uncertainty of dedicating time for this initiative with the risk of low or unpredictable patient volumes. If your visit and vaccine injection claims don’t reach the hourly rate, the difference will be paid to help cover your costs. An administrative stipend will also be offered to support holding vaccine clinics.
  • Participation in an community outreach initiatives, where community facilitators will bring together physicians and other front line providers to plan and undertake targeted community vaccination outreach. This initiative, called immPACC is led by the Manitoba College of Family Physicians and Department of Family Medicine at the University of Manitoba.

How to Participate

To participate, please review the introductory resources available further down on this page. After reviewing the new vaccine initiatives, use the forms below to register your practice group, get set up for reimbursement for expenses, schedule vaccine clinics, and claim related expenses. 

To participate in the immPACC initiative, contact Lisa Goss with the Manitoba College of Family Physicians at FPsupport@​mcfp.​mb.​ca.

Last updated
April 5, 2022