Benefits will not be paid for any disability resulting directly or indirectly from any one of the following:

  1. terrorism, war or insurrection, whether or not declared, or any conduct, act or thing incidental thereto,
  2. intentionally self-inflicted injury,
  3. attempt, provocation, or commission of a criminal offense or assault, or participation in a riot or civil commotion, or incarceration,
  4. service in the armed forces of any country,
  5. any period of imprisonment or confinement in a similar institution, unless as the result of psychiatric or psychological conditions,
  6. any period of loss of standing to practice medicine as a result of disciplinary proceedings, whether such disability occurred prior to or during such period, unless loss of standing is due to psychiatric or psychological conditions.
  7. any period of disability, including throughout the Elimination Period, during which You are not under the Regular Care and Attendance of a Physician considered satisfactory to the insurance company, when required,
  8. any period of disability while You are outside of Canada, United States of America, Australia, New Zealand or a country belonging to the European Economic Community, for a period of more than 6 months, unless You can establish to the satisfaction of the insurance company that evidence of Your continued disability can and will be supplied to the insurance company whenever reasonably so required,
  9. alcoholism, drug addiction, substance abuse, or other condition, unless participating in a therapeutic program, recognized as such by the insurance company, and under continuous medical supervision by a specialist in the field, or
  10. a psychiatric or psychological condition, unless under the care of a psychiatrist or clinical psychologist

If You must hold a government permit or license to perform Your regular duties, You will not be considered disabled solely because such permit or license has been withdrawn or not renewed.

Riders may be issued for individuals excluding coverage for specific conditions.

Cessation of Benefit Payments

Your benefits terminate on the earliest of any of the following occurrences:

  1. the date You are no longer disabled,
  2. the date You do not comply, or fail to comply with the proof of claim provision,
  3. the date the You fail to undergo, when requested by the insurance company, medical, psychiatric, psychological examinations and evaluation selected by the insurance company,
  4. the date You refuse or fail to undergo medical, psychiatric or psychological treatment or participate in a rehabilitation program considered beneficial to You as recommended by the insurance company,
  5. the date You fail to furnish satisfactory evidence of continuance of disability or the date You are no longer receiving Regular Care and Attendance of a Physician satisfactory to the insurance
  6. company,
  7. the date You reach Your maximum benefit period,
  8. the date You return to Your Regular Occupation,
  9. the date You retire,
  10. the date of Your death (with the exception of the survivor benefit, if applicable), or
  11. any period of incarceration in a prison or mental institution following conviction by a criminal cour