Evidence of Good Health

Evidence of good health is required for member Term Life Insurance (except for approved exercised Future Insurance Options) and Spouse’s Life Insurance. Coverage takes effect upon approval by the insurance company. Evidence of good health is not required for insurance purchased by Residents through the PARIM program.

A full medical may be required, depending on your age and the amount of coverage requested.

Age $0 –
& up
0 – 40  non-med  non-med  non-med  vitals/blood  vitals/blood
41 – 50  non-med  non-med  vitals/blood  vitals/blood  vitals/blood
51 – 60  non-med  non-med  vitals/blood  vitals/blood  vitals/blood/ecg
61 – 65  vitals/blood  vitals/blood  vitals/blood  vitals/blood  vitals/blood/ecg/APS
66 and over  vitals/blood  vitals/blood  vitals/blood  vitals/blood  vitals/blood/ecg/APS

** GWL may request paramedical if they have not had a full examination in the last 2 years.

You will be contacted regarding arrangements for a blood chemistry profile upon receipt of your application.  Great-West Life pays for medical examinations and blood chemistry profiles.