Application Process

Follow these steps to ensure your application is processed quickly.

If you have questions about or need assistance in completing your application, contact:

  • Mark Venton, Doctors Manitoba, at 985-5846, or
  • Gord Brennan, Doctors Manitoba Authorized Representative at 985-1140.
  • Some forms are available in the Forms Library while others are available from Doctors Manitoba. Contact Mark Venton for more information.

1. Make sure your application is complete

If your application is missing information, a copy will be returned to you for completion.

2. Return information requested by the insurer

Automatic Medical Requirements

You may be required to complete medical requirements based on your age and the type and amount of insurance for which you are applying.

If medical requirements are necessary:

The insurer’s paramedical service will contact you to arrange an appointment or

Doctors Manitoba will mail the medical requirements direct to you.

Additional Medical and/or Financial Requirements

You may be required to submit additional financial and/or medical information. Doctors Manitoba will inform you of the information required.

If the insurer does not receive the requested information within 21 days, they will follow-up. If the information is not received within 42 days from the date the insurer followed up, your application will be withdrawn. If your application is withdrawn and you want the insurance coverage, you may be required to submit a new application form and repeat the application process.

3. Review the insurer’s decision

If your application for coverage is approved, Doctors Manitoba Insurance Department will send you a letter of approval and a certificate of coverage.

If your disability coverage is approved with amendments or waivers, you will also receive amendment/waiver forms that you must sign and return to the insurer before your coverage takes effect.

Waivers and amendments allow the insurer to issue insurance coverage to applicants with, for example, pre-existing medical conditions.

You have 30 days to return any amendment forms along with your initial premium (if it was not submitted with your application).