Travel Coverage

What’s Covered
Purchasing Additional Travel Coverage


The plan includes coverage for emergency medical expenses while travelling out-of-province or out-of-country. There is no maximum trip duration if your trip is outside of your home province but still within Canada. If any portion of your trip includes travel outside of Canada, then the entire trip is subject to a trip maximum of 60 days for you and your dependents. If your trip duration exceeds the maximums noted above, coverage for the whole trip will be invalidated.

A trip begins when you leave home. A new trip begins when you have returned to your home province for 24 hours or more.

A life time maximum of $5,000,000 per person will apply.

Retired or Age 65 and Over Limited Coverage
A pre-existing condition exclusion applies. This means you consulted a physician for an illness or medical condition, were hospitalized, received treatment, were prescribed treatment or new medication or were given a change in prescribed medication during the 90 days prior to the departure date. Coverage for persons who are age 65 and over or under age 65 and retired is limited to trips of a maximum duration of 60 days. You should purchase additional coverage to adequately protect yourself if you are travelling for longer than 60 days. Individual Blue Cross travel medical insurance is available through Doctors Manitoba. See Purchasing Additional Travel Coverage for more information.

What’s Covered

The following are eligible expenses under the travel medical benefit. Coverage or reimbursement is based on reasonable and customary charges for services provided by a legally qualified medical practitioner licensed in the jurisdiction where the service is performed. Exclusions and limitations may apply.

Hospital – in-patient and out-patient charges for services and supplies provided by a licensed hospital

Medical and Surgical – does not include charges for services associated with general examinations for “check-up” purposes or for cosmetic purposes

Ambulance – transportation from the place of illness or accident to the nearest hospital capable of providing appropriate treatment

Air Transportation – by stretcher after receiving treatment at a hospital as an in-patient, provided the trip is directly to the patient’s home city in Canada

Dental Charges (maximum $3,000 per person per accident) – for service to natural teeth when necessitated by a direct accidental blow to the mouth only:

  • treatment must be rendered within 180 days of the accident
  • charges for out-of-province treatment for the emergency relief of dental pain, to a maximum of $300

Blood and Blood Plasma – if not available free of charge

Return Air Travel – additional cost, if any, for the most direct economy air fare from the place where you or a dependent is hospitalized as an in-patient to the patient’s home city in Canada

  • a letter of support from the attending physician is required
  • coverage also applies to one relative or friend who is covered by a Blue Cross Travel Health Plan and is traveling with the patient at the time of illness or injury

Private Duty Nursing – charges for a graduate professional nurse registered in the place where the service is rendered. Services must be recommended by the attending physician (the nurse must not be a relative of yours)

Diagnostic Services and Physiotherapy – when provided in a hospital

Drugs and Medicines – purchased on the prescription of a licensed physician
Vitamins, vitamin preparations, patent or proprietary drugs or “over the counter” drugs are not considered eligible expenses

Additional Board and Lodging Expenses – for a traveling companion also covered by a Blue Cross Travel Health Plan who remains with you or your covered dependent during hospitalization as an in-patient beyond the original duration of the trip

Chiropractic and Podiatry Services – a letter from the attending practitioner certifying services were for acute care must be submitted with the claim

Vehicle Return (maximum $ 4,000) – to return a private or rental vehicle to your place of residence or nearest rental agency if you are totally disabled and unable to drive the vehicle

Hospital Allowance (up to $40 per day to a maximum of $1,000) – for each day of hospitalization as an in-patient

Glasses or Contact Lenses (maximum $100) – for repair or replacement as a result of an accident which also resulted in injury which required treatment by a physician

Loss of life (maximum $7,500) – to transport a deceased person covered by this plan to the home city in Canada (including costs of preparation and standard transportation container) or up to $5,000 for cremation or burial at place of death

Family Transportation – to the bedside of a covered person confined as an in-patient for at least 3 days, when recommended in writing by the attending physician

  • direct roundtrip economy fare for a family member to travel to identify a deceased covered person prior to release of the body, if required by law
  • charges for commercial accommodation and meals to a combined maximum of $500 for persons travelling to the bedside or travelling to identify a deceased family member
  • additional cost of return economy airfare for an escort to accompany your children (up to 18 years of age) to their province of residence in the event you have been evacuated to Canada for medical reasons
  • additional cost of returning your pet to your home city in Canada up to a maximum of $500, in the event you are confined to hospital for at least 3 days outside your province of residence
  • charges for emergency veterinary care due to unexpected injury of accompanying pet to a maximum of $200

Travel Exclusions and Limitations

The following are not eligible:

  • persons on sabbatical, paid and non-paid leave of absence, employee exchange or other such similar absence in excess of 90 days
  • persons travelling outside Canada for full-time educational purposes
  • persons travelling outside their province of residence for the purpose of obtaining medical treatment
  • persons travelling against medical advice
  • charges associated with the required confinement due to childbirth and delivery are not covered if any portion of travel outside your province of residence falls after the 31st week of gestation
  • charges for a medical condition or emergency that occurs or recurs after Blue Cross or the International Travel Assistance provider recommends returning home following emergency treatment and you choose not to return
  • expenses resulting from non-compliance with any prescribed medical therapy or medical treatment (as determined by Blue Cross) or failure to carry out a physician’s or health care provider’s instructions
  • a medical condition for which it was reasonable to expect treatment or hospitalization during the trip

International Travel Assist – Provides 24-hour worldwide assistance if you have a medical emergency

You, the hospital or attending physicians should contact International Travel Assistance:

  • when it is difficult to locate medical care
  • to verify insurance coverage
  • when hospitalized or when treatment is provided
  • when treatment is complicated by language problems
  • when a medical evacuation may be necessary

Be sure to take your Blue Cross I.D. card with you when you travel.


Change in prescribed medication means the medication dosage or frequency has been reduced, increased, stopped and/or medication has been prescribed. It does not mean:

  • a change from a brand name medication to a generic of the same dosage
  • the routine adjustment of Coumadin, Warfarin, insulin or oral medication to control diabetes (as long as they are not newly prescribed or stopped) and there has been no change in your medical condition

Treatment – means a medical or diagnostic procedure prescribed, performed or recommended, including but not limited to, prescribed medication, investigative testing and surgery. Treatment does not include a change in prescribed medication for a medical condition which has been stable and controlled or a medical examination in which a physician observes no change in a previously identified condition for the 90 day period prior to the departure date.

Stable and controlled – means the medical condition is not worsening and there has been no change in prescribed medication for the condition or its usage or dosage, nor any other treatment prescribed, recommended or received for the 90 day period prior to the departure date.

Purchasing Additional Travel Coverage

You should obtain alternate travel coverage if you or your dependents are planning to travel for more than 60 days.

Any extension purchased to extend the coverage beyond the 60 day limitation will invalidate all coverage for that trip under the Travel Health Benefits.

Individual Blue Cross travel medical insurance is available through Doctors Manitoba.

Trip Cancellation
Blue Cross trip cancellation insurance, airfare cancellation and/or holiday cancellation protection is available through Doctors Manitoba.

The coverage reimburses certain expenses incurred when you:

  • are forced to cancel your trip prior to departure
  • return prior to or later than originally scheduled
  • miss a connection at a holiday departure point

Covered risks include sickness, injury and missing a connection due to a delay of the connecting carrier.

For more information, or to purchase coverage, contact the Doctors Manitoba office.