You are eligible to apply for coverage if you are:

  • under age 70,
  • resident in Manitoba, and
  • a Doctors Manitoba member or affiliate.

New physicians may enrol within one year of being eligible to join Doctors Manitoba as a regular member.  If you decide not to join the plan when you are first eligible, you may only enrol during an annual November group reopening.

Your coverage also applies to the following eligible dependents (family rates apply):

Spouse is :

  • the person you are legally married to or
  • the person you have continuously resided with for at least one year in a conjugal relationship

Dependent children are your:

  • unmarried children under age 21 (or under age 25 if enrolled as a full time student in an accredited college or university in Canada) who are principally dependent on you for support and maintenance
  • children of any age with a physical or mental infirmity, provided they were insured prior to age 21 or age 25 if in full-time attendance at a specialized school, college or university

You must enrol according to your true family status.

No medical exam is required. Pre-existing conditions are covered.

Coverage begins on the date Doctors Manitoba receives your application, unless you enrol during a re-opening period, where coverage will be in effect January 1 or June 1, following the reopening.

Once enrolled in the plan, you are not required to re-enrol, you will be invoiced automatically each year.

If you withdraw from the plan you may not rejoin the plan at a later date.  This protects the viability of the plan by preventing people from enrolling only at periods when they know they require extensive coverage.