You are eligible to apply if you are a physician who is:

  • under age 65,
  • currently resident in Manitoba,
  • employed full-time, and
  • a member or affiliate of Doctors Manitoba.

How Much Do You Need?

Disability income replaces your income if you cannot work due to illness or injury. Therefore, you should consider purchasing coverage similar to your after-tax take home income to pay for:

  • food, clothing, and shelter
  • car expenses
  • entertainment, hobbies
  • education expenses
  • saving for retirement

You might also consider the effects of inflation on your present income over time. See Income/Benefit Ratio Guide.

Basic Coverage

You choose coverage in units of $100:

  • maximum $15,000, minimum $600 per month if you are under age 60
  • maximum $10,000, minimum $500 per month if you are age 60 or over.

The amount of monthly benefit you can apply for depends upon your income and the amount of any other coverage you have. (Refer to Income/Benefit Ratio Guide or contact the Doctors Manitoba office for details).

In your first two years of practice (after completion of residency program):

  • general practitioners can apply for up to $7,500 of monthly benefit and
  • specialists for up to $11,000, less any other coverage you have or have applied for under another plan.

Your monthly benefit amount is not reduced by benefits you receive from other sources such as Workers Compensation and Automobile Insurance unless your disability income exceeds your pre-disability after-tax income.