General Information

Effective date

Accident insurance is effective on the date your application form and premiums are received by Doctors Manitoba.

Increase, Decrease or Cancellation of Insurance

You may:

  • Increase or decrease your coverage on any June 1 by contacting Doctors Manitoba and completing the appropriate application form.
  • Elect family plan coverage at any time within 60 days of a change of family status; if this option not exercised within the 60 day period then no change in plan or amount of coverage may be made until the following June 1
  • Cancel your coverage at any time by providing 30 days of written notice to Doctors Manitoba

Termination of Coverage

Your coverage terminates immediately on the earliest of the date:

  • The policy terminates
  • A premium due is unpaid
  • Of June 1 coinciding with or immediately following the date you reach age 70
  • You cease to be associated with Doctors Manitoba in a capacity making you eligible for insurance under the policy, unless stated otherwise

Your spouse and/or dependent children’s coverage terminates immediately on the earliest of the date:

  • They cease to be eligible
  • Your insurance is terminated, unless stated otherwise

Upon termination of eligibility for any reason, the insurance coverage is continued until the end of the period for which the premium is paid.