Fit Kids Healthy Kids

fit kids-doctors manitoba logoDoctors Manitoba’s Fit Kids Healthy Kids was developed out of a deep commitment by Manitoba’s physicians to the health and well-being of Manitoba’s children.

Fit Kids Healthy Kids is a program that recognizes the health benefits of physical  movement, the advantages or getting children active early in life. While the program is designed for all, there is a particular focus on inner-city and disadvantaged communities.

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Fit Kids Healthy Kids is a physical literacy program founded in partnership with Sport Manitoba. The program provides services that help recreation leaders, health leaders, early childhood educators, parents, teacher and community in general to learn the meaning and importance of physical literacy. It teaches children the fundamentals of movement that make kids confident and competent in sport, recreation, and life. The goal of the program is fit, healthy kids that are active for life.

fit kids healthy kidsWe believe it is important to provide opportunity for children to learn skills like running, jumping, throwing and catching as well as many others through games and activities that are non-competitive and inclusive.

Programs include:

  • Motion Zones: where Fit Kids Healthy Kids set up free play zones with awesome equipment and games supervised by staff
  • Drop-Ins – to work with parent tot groups, childcare centers, after school programs and day camps
  • 8-12 Week Programs to work with organizations to build capacity in adult leaders enabling them to get kids moving; and
  • Training Sessions to teach Staff about physical literacy, fundamental movement skills and how to incorporate games and activities into their programs.

Members of Doctors Manitoba are encouraged to become involved in Fit Kids Healthy Kids as an opportunity for deeper community involvement and leadership development. Physicians are invited to volunteer at the following events this summer:

Date Motion Zone Event
November 16 Santa Claus Parade
February 14-23 Festival du Voyageur
May 31 Teddy Bears’ Picnic
July 9 – 12 Folk Festival

If you are interested in volunteering for any of these opportunities or would like more information, please email us at

We will then be in touch with you to confirm your volunteer opportunity and coordinate your attendance with the staff at Fit Kids Healthy Kids. For more information about Fit Kids Healthy Kids, please feel free to visit its website.