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Facilitator: Dr. Philippe Erhard
Doctors Manitoba Office, 20 Desjardins Drive, Winnipeg

Synopsis: Retirement is an important life stage for physicians. Most information on retirement focuses on financial considerations and the practical aspects of closing a medical practice. Those discussions are certainly important but also limiting, as they miss an essential aspect of retirement — how to develop a meaningful and rewarding life after medicine.

Life after Retirement’ is an interactive, half-day workshop. It is designed specifically for physicians contemplating retirement or fully retired and will help to manage this important life transition by answering the following questions: Who am I now? What will I do? How will I keep intellectually and socially active? How will I organize my days? The process is very practical and addresses also other important issues such as ageism, flexibility and renewed relationships. 

Learning Objectives: At the conclusion of this workshop, participants will be able to ‑Identify common obstacles to a successful retirement ‑Develop plans for a meaningful life with a renewed identity ‑Develop structures to avoid mental, physical and social stagnation — Organize their days in a leisurely fashion