Navigating our often fragmented systems of support and care in Canada can be an arduous task. On their own, many caregivers struggle to find and access services. Family caregivers spend 15% – 50% of their time on the structural burden of care, trying to access to needed services, and then to coordinate and manage these services over time. Dr. Laura Funkargues argues that Canadians vastly underestimate the economic and social costs involved — including the stress and frustration generated, and for caregivers, the time spent taking care of themselves and their loved ones, or in paid employment. While more integrated health and community services grounded in the preferences and needs of both frontline service providers, clients, and family caregivers (reduced silos) would be ideal, progress on integration has been slow. This webinar aims to answer the question, What is needed to help family caregivers navigate our systems of support and care?”

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