The Canadian Sexual Exploitation Summit: Inspire Change is offering specialized training sessions on sexual exploitation geared specially towards those working in the Health Care Sector. This training presentation is designed to provide Health Care Professionals with a concrete understanding of sexual exploitation.

This presentation will discuss:
  • Sex and labour trafficking
  • Exploitation and Human Trafficking: Definitions, Intersections and Differences
  • Push and pull factors
  • Targeted populations
  • Elements of control
  • Stages of Change
  • Red flags: health risks & consequences
  • Case studies
  • Identification and response within the healthcare setting
  • Rise of child on child sexual exploitation
  • Resources

Three Objectives | Takeaways:

  1. To understand what human trafficking is and how it relates to health care
  2. To understand the red flags that someone may be potentially trafficked and presenting to health care
  3. To understand the critical and unique position healthcare providers have in responding to a person who may be trafficked
  4. To understand child on child sexual exploitation and what is behind the current rise in occurrences.
Learn more about our presenters’ organization and sexual exploitation in the health care sector here.

You are also invited to attend the full Canadian Sexual Exploitation Summit: Inspire Change on May 4,5, 2023. CSES brings together more than 50 expert speakers who will present the latest research, innovative strategies, and lessons helpful to leaders from every sector. Learn more here.

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