Doctors Deserve Fairness

Tell the government our doctors deserve fairness.

Doctors want to work with government in a way that is accountable, fair and transparent. But Bill 10 is unfair and will have a negative impact on doctors, patients and our healthcare system.

We need your support to let the government know you want it to work with doctors to find a better solution to Bill 10. Email the Premier and the Minister of Health.

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Why are doctors concerned

The Manitoba government tabled legislation called Bill 10 on December 2, 2019 to address concerns the Minister of Health says he has about a small number of doctors and how they bill Manitoba Health. Doctors support a system of resolving billing disputes that is fair and is based on due process, but this bill goes far beyond what is needed to address these concerns.

Bill 10 takes away a fair and independent way to resolve disputes where doctors disagree with the audit findings. It gives great power to auditors without medical expertise in Manitoba Health.

Every doctor can make a mistake. History has shown that auditors make mistakes too. Bill 10 can turn a simple mistake into a devastating problem for doctors.

Doctors want to work with government to fix Bill 10. For months, doctors have made repeated efforts to resolve this, even sending draft language for legislation to the Minister of Health and department staff. Doctors believed they had a commitment from the Minister of Health to address these concerns.

But the government ignored all of this work, and has introduced legislation that does not address any of the valid concerns of doctors.

The Minister has put on the record that these concerns can be addressed by fixing the Bill. Why didn’t the Minister just fix the Bill before standing up in the Legislature and introducing it?

Even worse, the government has justified the legislation by trying to convince the public that doctors are abusing the system. They have chosen to put every doctor in Manitoba under a cloud of suspicion, even though only a very few doctors may have billed inappropriately.

That’s not fair. Manitoba doctors deserve fairness.

We are asking the government to fix Bill 10, so that we can work together to come up with a solution that works for everyone.

Tell government that doctors deserve fairness.

Email the Premier and the Minister of Health. Just click the button below.