Virtual Care

Introducing Virtual Care in Your Practice

UPDATE: (November 5, 2020): Additional virtual visit tariffs have been added to expand your ability to meet patients’ essential needs during the pandemic. Learn more.

Consider offering virtual visits to your patients during the COVID-19 pandemic. This helps to reduce in-person visits and keep more of your patients at home, as recommended by public health officials.

A virtual visit includes a phone or video appointment with a patient. As COVID-19 has taken hold in other jurisdictions, authorities have directed physicians to conduct as many visits as possible over virtual services, replacing many in-person patient visits with phone and video contact.

The goal, during the pandemic, is to help patients continue to access care while also reducing patient traffic to clinics and health facilities. In-person visits can continue, of course, when clinically preferable or more comfortable for your patient.

Doctors Manitoba and Manitoba Health have agreed on virtual visit tariffs, which for now are in place during the pandemic. Doctors Manitoba is working make virtual visits permanent after the pandemic passes.

Virtual Care Resources for Manitoba Physicians

We have created a number of resources to help you introduce virtual visits in your practice, including getting started, advice on technology and sample patient consent materials. 

  • Quick Start Guide – Start here for the basics on how to get set up. This includes everything from technology to professional and legal obligations, as well as the types of health concerns appropriate for virtual care. You’ll also find billing information and privacy considerations.
  • Approved Virtual Visit Tariffs – (Updated November 5, 2020): Review the full list of tariffs approved for virtual care, as agreed to by Manitoba Health and Doctors Manitoba.
  • Scheduling and Conducting a Virtual Visit – Some practice advice on how to adapt your scheduling processes for virtual care, as well as some tips for physicians on conducting a virtual visit.
  • Video Visit Apps – Find advice from Digital Health as well as information on a variety of video apps that are available. 
  • Sample Patient Email Messages – Find a sample announcement message to all patients on virtual care, as well as a sample email confirmation to individual patients for their virtual appointments.
  • Patient Consent – For video visits, you must ensure patients are informed of the inherent risks and obtain their consent. We have included the advice from CMPA, sample informed consent text and sample notes on consent to document in the patient’s chart.
  • Patient Information Guide – coming soon

Other Resources: