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Welcome to Doctors Manitoba’s COVID-19 vaccine resource centre.

Every physician will play a role in supporting the largest and most intensive immunization campaign in Manitoba’s history. Doctors Manitoba will support you with information and resources, as well as advocating for a meaningful role for physicians in the process.

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Offer the Vaccine in your Clinic

You can now apply to the provincial government to offer the vaccine in your clinic. Clinics will be able to offer immunization as soon as a new vaccine product suitable for community administration is approved.


  • Learn more about what’s expected from participating clinics and remuneration details
  • Provincial COVID-19 Vaccine Program Requirements and Application Form (external link)
  • Watch our webinar (Feb. 18, 2020) with provincial government and Doctors Manitoba leads about offering the vaccine in your clinic, and the broader immunization rollout. You can also see a summary of the key takeaways here.

Updated February 23, 2021

Sign Up to Help in Provincial Clinics

If you would like to work in a provincial immunization clinic, you can submit your application through Shared Health.  Find out how to apply.

Guidance on Billing and Remuneration

Check out our Billing Guide on Vaccine Visits and Injections. Whether it’s a virtual or in-person visit to discuss the vaccine, address hesitancy, or administering the vaccine itself, this concise guide should answer your questions, so you can focus on your patient’s vaccine questions and needs.

Responding to Vaccine Hesitancy

Physicians are in the best position to respond to patient concerns and questions about the new COVID-19 vaccines. These are new vaccines, for a new disease, and patients may have many questions. It’s important to help them understand the risks of the vaccine and the risks of COVID-19. We are always on the lookout for resources to support you, as you support your patients.

Start by taking a look at our Guide to Responding to Vaccine Hesitancy. It includes valuable concrete tips for physicians to help you support your patients. It also has a link to a Webinar Doctors Manitoba hosted in February with a panel of vaccine communication experts.

Consent and Professional Obligations

Physicians are required to ensure patients make an informed decision to get the vaccine, like any other medical procedure.

You should review:

Current Eligibility

Nearly all physicians should now be eligible for the vaccine, including those who provide care in acute care or long term care facilities and provide provincially-insured services in community settings. View current eligibility for the vaccine on the provincial government’s website.

How to Get Immunized

First, confirm you are eligible for the vaccine on the provincial government website. Then, to book an appointment in a provincial immunization clinic, call the vaccine call centre at 1-844-626-8222.

You can learn more about what it’s like to visit a provincial immunization clinic, from a physician’s perspective, in a recent story we posted.

Getting Proof of Immunization

Manitobans who have received the COVID-19 vaccine can access an online record of their immunization. Doctors Manitoba has pressed for these records to be made easily available, and we are encouraged by the province’s further commitment to provide a secure immunization card in the spring.

To access the online record, individuals must have a valid Manitoba Health registration card and a personal email address. Information about the COVID-19 vaccine received and dates of immunization will be provided for viewing and printing. Records should be available within about 48 hours from immunization, though it could take up to a week.

Immunization records can be accessed securely on the Shared Health online portal that is also used for COVID-19 test results. To view or print this information, visit:

Immunization Tool Kit and Other Resources

Check out the following resources that you can support your patients and prepare to offer the vaccine

  • The Public Health Agency of Canada has created a Vaccination Tool Kit for physicians and other health providers, including information about the vaccines and guidance on managing COVID-19 immunization clinics.
  • PHAC has also collaborated on the development of an Indigenous Communications Resource about the COVID-19 vaccine
  • Check out past webinars from the National Collaborating Centre on Infectious Disease, including webinars about the vaccine, vaccine allerfies, vaccine hesitancy among Indigenous populations, and the recommendations from NACI about prioritizing access

Other Resources

Below you will find some key external vaccine resources we have identified for physicians. If you have a resource to add, please let us know.

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