WCB Rates

Doctors Manitoba and the Workers Compensation Board of Manitoba have an agreement covering Form, Report and Administrative fees.  This agreement expired on December 31, 2017. The parties are currently engaged in negotiations for a new agreement. Until a new agreement is reached, the following rates will remain in effect.

Tariff No. Description Rate
3024 Doctors First Attendance Report $65.35
3025 Doctors Progress Report1 $56.20
5562 Administrative Fee for Follow-up Visits2 $15.15
3026 Comprehensive Consultation Report (per page)3 $150.95
3022 Pain Management Administrative Fee $150.95
5559 Surgical Administrative Fee
(procedures valued $100 or more, but less than $300)
5560 Surgical Administrative Fee
(procedures valued $300 or more)
8114 Opioid Management Report (Initial) $92.50
8115 Opioid Management Report (Progress) $56.20

Billing Note:

  1. If you submit a claim for a Doctors Progress Report (3025), you cannot also claim for an Administrative Fee for Follow-up Visits (5562)
  2. Where a physician is required to see a patient on more than one occasion as a result of a WCB claim but does not submit a Doctors Progress Report (or Opioid Management Report) for that visit, the physician is entitled to claim 5562.
  3. WCB pays per page or with prior approval from WCB, the physicians hourly rate.

In addition to the Doctors Manitoba negotiated tariffs, WCB also pays for certain other services:

Tariff No. Description Rate
3028 Copy of operative/lab/chart notes/x-rays $15.00
3010 Telephone calls (less than 10 minutes) $25.69
3010 Telephone calls (more than 10 minutes) $34.42


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Updated: January 2018