Deliverables in your Alt-Funded Agreement…both parties are bound

Increasingly, physicians’ remuneration agreements contain detailed deliverables.  These deliverables outline for both the physician and the system, what services the physician is expected to provide for the remuneration payable.  These deliverables make it easier for both parties to understand the other’s obligations.
Commonly, some deliverables pertain to workload, which can be expressed in several different ways. In some cases they are set out in terms of hours or days of work per year. In other cases, such as in pathology agreements, workload requirements focus on actual work or cases completed.
Doctors Manitoba recommends that alternately funded physicians review their contracts carefully to determine the workload requirements. Where such a requirement is included physicians should document their workload to ensure that they are not being asked or expected to work in excess of those requirements without appropriate compensation.
If requested to take on work beyond that required by the deliverables, and you agree, you should be appropriately compensated. Many agreements contain mechanisms for such compensation. Read your contract carefully or call Doctors Manitoba to determine the appropriate compensation for work in excess of your deliverables.

Ultimately, if you are an independent contractor and have met your workload requirements within a particular time period you should meet with the other party, e.g the RHA, to determine whether or not they wish to contract for additional work. Where the RHA will not agree to additional funding (and you have fulfilled your obligations under the contract) no additional services should be provided. If you continue to provide services in those circumstances, you are doing so for free.

If you are an employee and wish to provide services in excess of your employment contract, ensure with your employer that you are being paid for the excess work. If you do not wish to provide the excess hours or if your employer is not paying for these services, contact Doctors Manitoba for assistance.
If you have any questions about the workload requirements in your agreement contact Allison Crolly at Doctors Manitoba. Phone: 985-5856/1-888-322-4242. E-mail: