Psychotherapy Individual – Tariff 8581

Claims under tariff 8581 – Individual Psychotherapy must be for a minimum of thirty (30) minutes and a maximum of ninety (90) minutes per patient per day. The tariff also stipulates under Note 3 that,

Where psychotherapy sessions with a patient extend beyond two and one-half (2.5) hours in any seven (7) day period, a written report is required(emphasis added).

This does not mean that the maximum claimable in a seven-day period with respect to a single patient is two and one-half hours. But it does mean you must provide additional information about the patient’s condition.

Manitoba Health has advised that for the purpose of a “written report”, remarks on the claim with respect to the patient’s complexity and diagnosis are sufficient – e.g., “Over 2.5 hours due to increased suicide risk.”


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Updated: December 2016