Chronic Care or Hospital Care – What to Claim in “Mixed” Facilities
Chronic Disease Management (CDM) Tariff 8435 – Hypertension
Chronic Disease Management Tariffs (CDM)
Complete Examinations by General Practitioners
Consultation – Unassigned Patient – Tariff 8595
Hospital Care – Tariff 8520
Obstetrical Visits
Orthopaedic Spinal Consultations – Tariff 8440
Personal Care Home Visits
Preoperative Care – Can you claim tariff 8520 hospital care?
Psychiatric Claims – Multiple Claims for Same Patient/Same Day
Psychotherapy Individual – Tariff 8581
Supportive Care – Rule of Application 13
Third Party Visits – The 1st but Forgotten Rule of Application
Unassigned Patient Examinations – Tariff 8594
Well Baby Care