Reporting a Malignancy

Manitoba physicians, like others in Canada, have a legal obligation to report certain conditions/circumstances to various government departments.

One such example is a physician’s duty to report patients diagnosed with a malignant neoplasm. As stated in The Public Health Act:

Without delay after becoming aware that a person is suffering from cancer or malignant neoplasm, a health professional shall report the disease on Form 3 of Schedule B.

CancerCare Manitoba is empowered under the Act to collect, classify and maintain accurate comprehensive information on all cancer cases for the province.

Physicians should complete the “Report of Malignant Neoplasm” and forward it to CancerCare Manitoba. Also, document any communications with CancerCare, including recording the date and the details of the report.

As there is a statutory obligation to report, there is no fee payable for completing the report and/or any related communications.


Roger Jamieson
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Updated: December 2016