Postoperative Period

As set out in Rule of Application 23 the inclusive postoperative period for major surgical services is three weeks.


Benefits for Major Surgical Services include three (3) weeks postoperative care (also See Rules 29 and 31). Where the patient’s condition requires prolonged hospital care in itself, and where an incidental surgical service is interposed, appropriate hospital care benefits may be claimed but such claims must be accompanied by a Special Report.

Billing Notes

Upon the expiration of the inclusive three-week postoperative care period, physicians are entitled to be paid for the applicable office/home visit and/or hospital visit services they provide to their surgical patients.  Where the patient has a lengthy hospital stay and the physician remains responsible for his/her care, Tariff 8520, Hospital Care per day, may be claimed on or after the 22nd post surgical day until the day of discharge.

For information on additional surgical services provided within the three week postoperative period please refer to the website article Additional Surgical Services – Rule of Application 29 .

Where postoperative care is transferred please refer to the website article Postoperative Period – Transfer of Care.


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Updated: November 2016