Doctors Manitoba negotiates the fee schedule that covers all fee-for-service billing by physicians.  We also provide billing advice to physicians with regard to the Physician’s Manual.

This section contains billing advice articles on a wide variety of areas that will assist physicians and their billing staff.

Physicians or their staff may also call us and speak to one of our staff for assistance.  In many cases the staff person most able to assist will depend on the physician’s particular practice or bloc of practice.


Billing Resources

Doctors Manitoba compensation staff are available to address your concerns or questions regarding billing and payment issues involving Manitoba Health, RHAs or third parties.  This includes questions regarding the Physician’s Manual tariffs and interpretation issues, new fee tariff applications as well as claims processing or payment issues arising with Manitoba Health, RHAs or third party billings.

The following Doctors Manitoba staff would be pleased to assist you or direct you to the most appropriate staff member or resources.

Roger Jamieson
Medical Remuneration Officer
Phone: (204) 985-5849

Ian Foster
Medical Remuneration Officer
Phone: (204) 985-5854

Braden Kalichuk
Compensation Analyst

Phone: (204) 985-5848

Cheryl Bezte
Administrative Assistant

Phone: (204) 985-5851