Simple Dilatation with Bougie or Sound – Tariff 3092

When a simple dilatation (of a stricture) with sound or bougie is rendered in conjunction with an endoscopic procedure (e.g., esophagoscopy), both the endoscopic procedure and tariff 3092 will be paid at 100%.

As per the table below, where a balloon device (and not sound or bougie) is utilized to dilate the stricture, Tariff 3000 is payable as an add-on at 100% in addition to the fee for the endoscopic procedure.

Billing Notes:

The following “add-on” Tariffs are payable at 100% when claimed in addition to a gastrointestinal endoscopic procedure tariff.

3000* Balloon dilatation of colonic, pyloric, esophageal or small bowel strictures
3002* Botox injection
3004* Hemostasis G.I. Tract by endoscopic method or technique (e.g., cautery, injection, banding)
3006* Hemodynamic instabilty
Note:  Claims for Tariff 3006 must indicate that the patient exhibits one (1) or more of the following:  Pulse rate > 100/minutes; Blood pressure <80 systolic; hemoglobin < 80; Ongoing bleeding.
3010 Insertion of small bowel or colonic stent(s) (includes dilatation if necessary).
Note:  Tariff 3000 may not be claimed in addition to Tariff 3010.
3196* Ileal intubation, in conjunction with colonoscopy with or without biopsies
3012 Multiple, ten (10) or more, endoscopic biopsies
3013 Multiple, ten (10) or more, endoscopic biopsies of upper GI tract

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Updated: April 2018