Fee Differentials

Manitoba physicians are eligible to be paid a fee differential for all insured medical services provided outside of Winnipeg and within the Province of Manitoba. This means that, in addition to the amount set out in a tariff, the physician is entitled to be paid an additional percentage for each medical service provided in a particular location.

The Physician’s Manual sets out the fee differentials as follows:

Northern Manitoba 25% (North of the 53rd parallel)
Rural Manitoba 5%
Brandon 5%

Note: The determination of whether a physician may claim a fee differential for a medical service is based on where the service was provided and not the residence of the physician or the patient. Therefore, a physician who resides in Winnipeg but provides medical services in rural Manitoba is eligible to claim the rural Manitoba fee differential of 5 percent. Conversely, a physician living in rural Manitoba but providing medical services in the City of Winnipeg may not claim any fee differential.


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Updated: May 2017