Caution Regarding Word-of-Mouth Billing Advice

It is natural for physicians to discuss billing practices with each other.  After all, other physicians often offer helpful advice.  Be cautious, however, about this type of informal, word-of-mouth billing advice because it can lead to poor results.

Inaccurate or inapplicable advice can lead to errors, claims rejections, audits and potentially large repayments to Manitoba Health.

The service you provide and how to bill for it may be unique in many ways. A colleague who is trying to be helpful in giving you advice may not appreciate your circumstances or may themselves be utilizing an inaccurate billing practice.

You are responsible for your own billing practices and the use of your billing number.  If you adopt a billing practice suggested by a colleague that turns out to be wrong or inapplicable, it is you that will be responsible, not your colleague.

The best way to be sure you are billing correctly is to read the Physician’s Manual yourself and contact Doctors Manitoba for advice. Otherwise, there are no assurances that what you are doing is correct, and, if you are audited, the fact that you honestly believed what you were doing was correct may not help you.

The Physician’s Manual is a complicated document and a product of negotiations between Doctors Manitoba and Manitoba Health.  If you are ever uncertain about a billing practice, or would like billing advice, please contact Doctors Manitoba for confidential advice.


Allison Crolly
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