Committee Meetings – Payment for Attending

Doctors Manitoba and Manitoba Health have entered into an agreement that provides compensation to physicians who participate on committees established by the Minister of Health, Manitoba Health or a Regional Health Authority.  This agreement is called the Committee Rate Agreement.

The Committee Rate Agreement does not apply to committees established by the College of Physicians and Surgeons or individual hospitals and/or facilities.

In order to be eligible for payment the physician must be invited by the Minister of Health, Manitoba Health or the RHA to participate on the committee.

Payment under this Agreement is for actual hours in attendance at the committee meetings including attendance via electronic means (e.g., teleconference, telelinks, etc.) Physicians are remunerated on the basis of the hourly rates set out in the Agreement (provided they are not receiving compensation from another source for the same service e.g., a salaried physician attending a meeting during normal working hours).

The current hourly rates effective April 1, 2018 are:

  • Winnipeg General Practitioner $98.60
  • Winnipeg Specialist $126.50

The following geographical premiums apply to these rates where the physician attends such a meeting outside of Winnipeg:

  • 5% in Brandon and Rural South of the 53rd parallel
  • 25% in Rural North of the 53rd parallel

The premium paid is based on where the physician participates. Therefore, if you are in Thompson and participate by teleconference on a committee held in Winnipeg you would be eligible for a 25% premium on your rates.

Committee chairs and acting committee chairs are entitled to an additional 20% premium.

Physicians are also eligible for payment of travel time when traveling to and from the community where the committee meeting is held. Where a privately owned vehicle is used, mileage is paid in accordance with the rate paid to Provincial Government employees, which as of April 2013 was 42.0 cents/km south of the 53rd parallel and 46.4 cents/km for north of the 53rd parallel. Travel time and mileage are not paid if the meeting takes place in the community in which the physician works or resides or the physician participates by teleconference.


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Updated: April 2018