Right Doctor at the Right Time

Dr. Brent Roussin has spent a lifetime getting ready for this pandemic. by Keir Johnson Before the pandemic, Dr. Brent Roussin was, among many other things, a student pilot. In his limited spare time, he was learning how to fly a plane. His training has been grounded these last few months as spare time has […]


Dr. Sara Goulet is helping keep an isolated northern Manitoba community safe during a pandemic by Sherry Kaniuga Standing outside the hospital room of a suspected COVID-19 patient at the Health Sciences Centre this past May, Dr. Sara Goulet had a sudden realization. One of her many roles involves practicing alongside nurses in Nunavut and […]

A Critical Time for Critical Care

Dr. Kendiss Olafson offers an inside view into our ICUs as admissions surge. By Brad Hartle “I’m sitting here, bracing,” said Dr. Kendiss Olafson, an Intensive Care Physician in Winnipeg. It was Friday, October 16th, the day Manitoba announced the largest COVID-19 restrictions since the spring lockdown. Firmly in the second wave, Manitoba had registered […]

Home for the Summer

The Home for the Summer Program, operated by Manitoba’s Office of Rural and Northern Health, brings medical students to clinics and hospitals throughout Manitoba to gain clinical work experience in rural medicine. As part of this program, students complete a research project based on their experience working and living in the community. Their findings are […]

Gala Extravaganza

Doctors Manitoba celebrates in style at new and improved annual party at the Canadian Museum for Human Rights Written by Robin Summerfield View more photos of the Gala here. It was clear that this was no ordinary affair. A group of women, scattered at tables throughout the ballroom, wore brightly coloured feather fascinators in their […]

A Prescription for Prevention

Exercise prescription the solution for the prevention of chronic diseases, says family physician, sports medicine physician and exercise physiologist Dr. Stephane Lenoski Written by Robin Summerfeld Dr. Stephane Lenoski comes to the final slide of his presentation. He has been speaking to a room full of delegates, including experts from the United Nations, at the […]

Man in the Arena

Dr. Fourie Smith installed as new president of Doctors Manitoba Written by Robin Summerfield In Paris, on April 23, 1910, former U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt gave what became one of his most quoted speeches. The so-called ‘Man in the Arena’ speech, given at the Sorbonne in front of thousands of university students and dignitaries, was […]

Dr. Lloyd Bartlett

Dr. Lloyd Bartlett

Acknowledgements: Doctors Manitoba dedicates this article to Dr. Lloyd Bartlett and his family. Cadillac Caregiver: Inventor, doctor, health advocate, and family man From seat belt and helmet laws to anti-smoking legislation centenarian physician Dr. Lloyd Bartlett saved countless lives. Dr. Lloyd Bartlett has a daily ritual. Every evening before bedtime, he sits on a stool […]

Carrying the Torch

At about 250 metres long, the run wasn’t strenuous. But in those short, few minutes on July 26, Dr. Shannon Prud’homme made memories that will last a long time. On that day at The Forks in Winnipeg, Dr. Prud’homme was one of many runners feeling a lot of pride for the city, and their country. […]

MMSA Wellness Challenge

As part of the MMSA Wellness Challenge, first year medical student Yui Chang created a video with an aim to open a (hopefully ongoing) dialogue surrounding mental health and to create a safe environment on campus for students to speak about or seek help for their struggles.  

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