Dr. Lloyd Bartlett

Dr. Lloyd Bartlett

Acknowledgements: Doctors Manitoba dedicates this article to Dr. Lloyd Bartlett and his family. Cadillac Caregiver: Inventor, doctor, health advocate, and family man From seat belt and helmet laws to anti-smoking legislation centenarian physician Dr. Lloyd Bartlett saved countless lives. Dr. Lloyd Bartlett has a daily ritual. Every evening before bedtime, he sits on a stool […]

Family Affair

Li brothers blazing a path together in medicine It’s a Friday evening in early October and the Health Sciences Centre complex is still a bustle of activity. Henry Li arrives first. The 20-year-old sits down in a campus coffee shop after a full day of classes in nearby Brodie Centre and Basic Medical Sciences Building. […]

President’s Message

Dr. Shannon Prud’homme There are few things more important to me as your president than ensuring you are engaged with Doctors Manitoba and that we are meeting your needs as you work to care for patients across the province. It is with deep gratitude, then, that I extend my personal thanks to the hundreds of […]

Carrying the Torch

At about 250 metres long, the run wasn’t strenuous. But in those short, few minutes on July 26, Dr. Shannon Prud’homme made memories that will last a long time. On that day at The Forks in Winnipeg, Dr. Prud’homme was one of many runners feeling a lot of pride for the city, and their country. […]

MMSA Wellness Challenge

As part of the MMSA Wellness Challenge, first year medical student Yui Chang created a video with an aim to open a (hopefully ongoing) dialogue surrounding mental health and to create a safe environment on campus for students to speak about or seek help for their struggles.  

PARIM Check-Up

  The 2016-2017 academic year is underway for Manitoba’s resident doctors and the new PARIM Executive is already busy planning events, advocacy, and changes for the year. The first Executive meeting took place on July 19, 2016, and guided by the areas of focus that were identified at PARIM’s first Strategic Planning Meeting in April […]

New Investment Reporting: What You Should Know

by Carol Niravong, MD Financial Management Over the next few months, you’ll likely be hearing more about the new disclosure rules that went into effect on July 15, 2016. The new rules require the investment industry to provide more clarity for investors on the fees and compensation that financial firms collect, and on individual investment […]

residents and students at GC

CMA General Council

It’s not every day that you get to sit down with the federal Minister of Health to discuss the future of medicine and health care but that’s exactly what happened at this year’s Canadian Medical Association General Council in Vancouver. Medical students, residents and new-to-practice physicians had the exclusive opportunity to meet with Dr. Jane […]

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