CMA President Dr. Gigi Osler sets her priorities

When she took the stage at the Annual General Meeting of the Canadian Medical Association (CMA) this past August, Dr. Gigi Osler knew she was taking a leadership role in an organization and a profession that was facing significant change. “Change isn’t easy, but it’s necessary, especially in the world we find ourselves in. And […]

CMPA news

A missing quality indicator Experts stress that there is now so much evidence linking physician wellness to patient outcomes, medical-legal risk, and the performance of healthcare teams that wellness should be assessed as an independent indicator of health system quality. For instance, physician stress and burnout have been associated with “suboptimum” patient care practices. Burned […]

Doctor Manitoba Mentorship Program

When you look back at your training, you can probably think of a teacher, coach, or peer that really helped you and shaped your outlook. When a physician signs up for the Doctors Manitoba Mentorship Program, he or she agrees to do just that – to help, to be honest, and to provide a broad […]

Home for the Summer

A homebody can be described as someone who likes to stay at home. It’s kind of what the Home for the Summer program is all about. It encourages medical students from rural communities to think about practicing there and enticing those from urban settings to think about what a new home could be like. “It […]

Dr. Mellissa Ward

PARIM Representative As the President of PARIM and new Doctors Manitoba Board member, Dr. Mellissa Ward wants to ensure the resident voice is heard. “Residents are often invited to meetings but not heard. At Doctors Manitoba, the resident voice is valued and I want to ensure I am doing justice to the group I represent,” […]

Dr. Elizabeth Thompson

Central District Representative Dr. Elizabeth Thompson brings with her a pragmatic approach as a new Board member at Doctors Manitoba. One of her goals is to encourage the Board to focus on issues that are of highest importance for physicians on the ground-level. “I’m interested in value for money for our members,” she says. She’s […]

Dr. Selena Papetti

Eastman District Representative Dr. Papetti’s singular voice and strong convictions are a welcome addition to the Doctors Manitoba Board. “I’m not afraid to say what I’m thinking” she says. She does not shy away from speaking up for her colleagues and addressing the challenges facing Manitoba physicians. One of the issues she’d like to focus […]

Dr. Marie Noel

Northern District Representative Dr. Marie Noel is very focused on understanding the specific needs of her community and the region she represents. As a new Board member, her goal is to become more familiar with the physicians in the Northern Health Region. “Our geography in the North limits direct contact with physicians, but I would […]

Dr. Joel Myhre

Parkland District Representative Dr. Joel Myhre maintains a steady balance when it comes to his family, career and his new position on the Doctors Manitoba Board. He knows what his priorities are and ensures that his time is spent accordingly. “I don’t wish for a redistribution of my time,” he says, “only that I had […]

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