Right Doctor at the Right Time

Dr. Brent Roussin has spent a lifetime getting ready for this pandemic. by Keir Johnson Before the pandemic, Dr. Brent Roussin was, among many other things, a student pilot. In his limited spare time, he was learning how to fly a plane. His training has been grounded these last few months as spare time has […]


Dr. Sara Goulet is helping keep an isolated northern Manitoba community safe during a pandemic by Sherry Kaniuga Standing outside the hospital room of a suspected COVID-19 patient at the Health Sciences Centre this past May, Dr. Sara Goulet had a sudden realization. One of her many roles involves practicing alongside nurses in Nunavut and […]

Operation Backlog

Dr. Kristine Smith reflects on the pandemic’s impact on surgeons. By Ashley Smith When patients meet with Dr. Kristine Smith these days, it’s hard to picture her as a real person. Following infection control recommendations, she is behind a personal protective equipment wall: N95 mask, protective glasses, and rubber gloves – in some cases, even […]

Protection was Hard to Find

Doctors Manitoba filled a need when PPE supplies ran low. By Ashley Smith When the pandemic hit, the medical community braced for the worst. Infection control guidelines were issued that required PPE to be worn more often. Global demand for personal protective equipment (PPE) immediately hit supply chains hard. Early on, senior Shared Health officials […]

Finding a New Balance

Dr. Lerly Luo reflects on what COVID-19 has meant for her medical residency and patients. By Sherry Kaniuga A 60-year-old man is close to dying in a palliative care hospital bed. His wife, sister, and mother are by his side – using up three out of the four available visitor allowances for dying patients during […]

Rural Manitoba and the Pandemic

Dr. Danielle Paradis reflects on responding to COVID in a small rural community. By Ashley Smith During the first two weeks of the pandemic, everything changed so quickly. In Manitoba, the lockdown came swiftly, and even in the small town of Ste. Rose du Lac, located about 270 km northwest of Winnipeg, it was clear, […]

An Unusual Time to be President

Dr. Cory Baillie has charted a new way forward for Doctors Manitoba during an unusual year By Ashley Smith When a President-Elect of Doctors Manitoba officially takes over the organization’s reigns, there’s a ceremony to physically “pass the chain of office” from the former president to the new, surrounded by hundreds of their peers. It’s […]

A Critical Time for Critical Care

Dr. Kendiss Olafson offers an inside view into our ICUs as admissions surge. By Brad Hartle “I’m sitting here, bracing,” said Dr. Kendiss Olafson, an Intensive Care Physician in Winnipeg. It was Friday, October 16th, the day Manitoba announced the largest COVID-19 restrictions since the spring lockdown. Firmly in the second wave, Manitoba had registered […]

Meet Our New Board Members

Dr. Erin Gordey Central Dr. Gordey is an orthopaedic surgeon at Boundary Trails and C.W. Wiebe Medical Centre in Winkler. She is originally from Edmonton, where she obtained her medical degree at the University of Alberta. She moved to Toronto for her orthopaedic surgery residency and then moved again to Halifax to complete a fellowship […]

Cybersecurity Now: The Human Defence

Cyberattacks on Canadian healthcare organizations, ranging from individual physicians to large healthcare institutions, have been increasing at an alarming rate. Successful attacks on large hospitals and regional authorities have made headlines, while clinics across Canada fell victim to attacks resulting in exposure of thousands of patient records. In fact, nearly 50% of breaches in Canada […]

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