CME Rebate FAQ

What can I claim in accommodation/meals for a conference I attend?

For each day you receive instruction, you can claim $300 per day for conferences outside of Manitoba and $200 per day inside Manitoba. This per diem covers hotel and meals. If no hotel is required your claim is limited to $70 per full day of instruction for meals or $35 per half day. You must provide proof of the event so that the correct number of days can be verified. If you claim a per diem for hotel accommodation DO NOT also claim a meal per diem as the hotel per diem includes meals.

If you share accommodations with another physician who is claiming CME rebate for the same conference, you can both claim $300 per day outside Manitoba and $200 per day inside Manitoba.

Am I able to claim for the office overhead expense in addition to accommodation/meals expense?

Yes, you should claim both the overhead expense and accommodation/meals expense for days where you attended the CME event and where you have incurred overhead expenses in Manitoba. Overhead expense claims should not be claimed for travel days or days your office is not open.

How do I file a claim for an event paid for over two years? (See #5 under CME Compensation Criteria)

If you incur expenses for a discrete conference over two years, all expenses can be claimed in the earlier year, provided the event took place and had been paid for before the claim deadline date for the earlier year.
If you paid a CME conference registration fee in December 2019 for an event that will take place before the end of May 2020, you can claim all conference costs in the 2019 year, as all expenses will occur before the deadline date to file a 2019 claim. You also can wait and claim all the expenses in the 2020 year if you do not claim it in 2019. Physicians must not split claims into two years. [This does not apply to annual fees paid for a series of periodic CME sessions held over the course of two years, (e.g. The Foundation for Medical Practice Education or the University of Manitoba Continuing Medical Education Program.) Those expenses should be fully claimed in the year they were paid.

If I received reimbursement or had CME costs covered by a third party including my employer, RHA, a third party agency, pharmaceutical company etc… Can I still apply for a rebate? (See #2 and #3 under CME Compensation Criteria)

  • Under this Rebate program each physician who receives fee for services income in Manitoba is entitled only to the maximum rebate set (for 2019 this amount is $3800) from all sources.
  • If your employer, a third party etc… provides you with the maximum rebate amount or more you are NOT entitled to an additional rebate.
  • If your employer, a third party etc… provides you with less than the maximum rebate amount you may be entitled to the difference between the amount received and the program maximum amount.
  • For example, if you file a valid claim for $3,800 and have received $2,500 under your contract, you would receive $3,800 – $2,500 = $1,300. Or, if you file a valid claim for a total of only $2000, you will receive no further rebate, as you already received CME compensation in the amount of $2,500 under your contract.
  • All reimbursement of costs covered by a third party must be declared on your Claim Form

How do I claim if I have been in Manitoba for less than one year?

Whatever eligible expenses you submit will be pro-rated according to the number of months you have worked in Manitoba. You should submit as many eligible expenses as you can up to the amount that you are eligible for after the pro-ration (i.e. if you only worked in the province for six months you will be eligible for half of the full maximum about).

What can I claim under the Education Materials Component? (See Medical Educational Materials under What You Can Claim)

You can claim expenses such as:

  • Subscriptions to medical journals as long as you provide a receipt of payment for the journal (not subscription order/renewal forms).
  • CME related software, for example, diagnostic tools for use with palm pilots.
  • Medical audiotapes, videotapes and texts. Receipts must be provided for claiming these items. Medical-audio tapes provided by the American Seminar Institute are claimable, however, travel costs and per dia are not as it is not necessary to incur travel to take these seminars

What can I claim under Registration Fees?

You can claim the cost of registering for the meeting. You cannot claim the specified costs of meals or social events that are charged in addition to the registration fee. Those costs are covered in the daily per diem you can claim. Conversely if a registration fee includes meals (e.g. Manitoba College of Family Physicians Annual Scientific Assembly) you cannot in addition claim a $35 or $70 meal per diem as you are already being rebated when your registration fees are reimbursed. Also if you pay a registration fee for a meeting that is subsequently cancelled or that you cannot attend, that cost will not be reimbursed.

What can I claim for travel to a conference?

  • You are eligible to claim up to $600 per event for travel costs (both inside and outside of Manitoba). This may include airfare and/or mileage in a car at 50 cents per kilometer. You must provide proof of attendance at the meeting and the place where it was held so that mileage can be calculated using Google Maps.
  • For meetings held in Manitoba you may claim 50 cents per kilometer for traveling to meetings you attend outside of your practice community.
  • You may not claim mileage fees for travel while you are at an event.