CME Rebate Compensation Criteria

The Doctors Manitoba Board has established compensation criteria for the 2019 CME Rebate Fund as follows:

  1. A physician qualifies for a rebate only if the physician (or the physician’s corporation) receives income from Manitoba Health in calendar 2019
    1. directly under his/her own billing number, or
    2. paid for CME expenses in calendar 2019 — or his/her expenses were paid by a medical partnership/private clinic/university department to which he/she belonged and the source of that payment was a fund created from the earnings of the physicians in that department, group, partnership etc., and
    3. held full registration with the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Manitoba. For greater clarity, the program is not available to physicians who, throughout the benefit program year, held a short-term license, or whose license status was NR or OR, or who were on the supplementary or education register.
  2. Physicians who directly or indirectly receive CME compensation from a salaried or other alternate funded contract negotiated by Doctors Manitoba may also claim under this Doctors Manitoba program if they also earned income in Manitoba in 2019. However, the rebate payable through the fee-for-service Rebate Fund will be reduced by the amount of rebate received from those other income sources. (Please refer to Frequently Asked Questions.)
  3. Physicians who directly or indirectly receive CME compensation from a third party (e.g. pharmaceutical company, Arthritis Society, etc.) are also potentially eligible for a Doctors Manitoba rebate, but may claim only those eligible CME expenses that have not been/will not be compensated or otherwise covered by the third party.
  4. Residents (trainees) who held a full registration and also earned some fee-for-service income in 2019 are potentially eligible for a rebate, but only CME activities that are not part of the educational or examination processes leading to completion of the Residency program are eligible to be considered for a rebate from this Fund.
  5. Generally, only those CME expenses that were paid between January 1, 2019 and December 31, 2019 are eligible for rebate at this time. However, there is one exception to that rule: if you incur expenses for a conference over two program years (i.e. – two calendar years), all expenses can be claimed in the earlier program year, provided the conference took place and had been paid for before the claim deadline date for the earlier program year. You can also choose to wait and claim all the expenses in the later program year. This does not apply to annual fees paid for periodic programs held over the course of two program years, e.g. The Foundation for Medical Practice Education or the University of Manitoba Continuing Medical Education Program. Such fees are to be claimed entirely in the year paid.
  6. The maximum claimable rebate for 2019 is $3,800.
  7. Rebates are not subject to proration based on an income threshold. Rebates will be prorated by Doctors Manitoba for the portion of the calendar year that the physician was in practice in Manitoba. For example, a physician who has worked for 6 months in Manitoba will be eligible to receive a $1,900 rebate (6/12 times $3,800). We will consider eligible CME expenses for the calendar year being rebated no matter where the expenses were incurred, even if prior to moving to Manitoba.
  8. CME rebates are claimable only by the physician who personally undertook the CME.
  9. Physicians must submit a completed claim form. The deadline for receipt of a completed claim form, including supporting documentation and receipts is December 31, 2020. Claims received after the deadline date will be considered only if there are funds remaining. Any late claims that are processed will be charged a 10% penalty. No late claims will be considered after August 30, 2021.
  10. Claimants are reminded that Doctors Manitoba is charged with the responsibility to account for all rebates made under this program. The MB Health Fund Auditor requires specific forms of evidence in support of claims (see “What You Can Claim“).
  11.  Other restrictions may apply in certain cases. Determination of eligibility is at the sole discretion of Doctors Manitoba. No rebate will be given when the amount payable is less than $25.00.
  12. An amount equal to the current outstanding Doctors Manitoba dues will be deducted from any disbursement to be made from the CME Rebate Fund to a physician where such dues have not already been paid to Doctors Manitoba by the physician or through Manitoba Health or the physician’s employer.